Veronica Vain MBC-TGP-1-DoctorAdventures-16-pics-1flv-clip
Veronica Vain TGP 1
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Name:   Veronica Vain
Pics:   16
Movie Clips:   1x3minute flv

Action:   Michael went to see Dr. Vain today because he'd had an erection longer than four hours .... But she only agreed to see him because he had an erection longer than seven inches!

1. Michael shows Veronica his problem
2. Michael checks out Veronica's ass
3. Michael sucks Veronica's tits
4. Veronica sucks Michael's dick
5. Michael fucks Veronica in doggy
6. Michael fucks Veronica in cowgirl
site:   DoctorAdventures
Network:   Brazzers

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Staci Carr MBC-TGP-1-TeensLikeItBig-16-pics-1flv-clip
Staci Carr TGP 1
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Name:   Staci Carr
Pics:   16
Movie Clips:   1x3minute flv

Action:   In this terrifying tale of one man's fateful lust,  Johnny is visited by the horny spirit of his deceased ex-girlfriend Staci .... She's basically the ghost of tits n' ass past!

1. Staci haunts Johnny
2. Staci sucks Johnny's dick
3. Johnny fucks Staci in cowgirl
4. Johnny fucks Staci in doggy
site:   TeensLikeItBig
Network:   Brazzers

Nicole Aniston MBC-TGP-16-PornstarsLikeItBig-16-pics-1flv-clip
Nicole Aniston TGP 16
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Name:   Nicole Aniston
Pics:   16
Movie Clips:   1x3minute flv

Action:   When Nicole saw the way the men outside the industry were treating her,  she quickly returned to porn .... Some of them didn't even bother to try and have sex before they got to know her!

1. Nicole tells us a little bit about herself
2. Nicole takes off her bra and panties
3. Keiran eats Nicole's pussy
4. Nicole sucks Keiran's cock
5. Keiran fucks Nicole in spoon
6. Keiran fucks Nicole in missionary
site:   PornstarsLikeItBig
Network:   Brazzers

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Cherie DeVille MBC-TGP-8-BigTitsAtWork-16-pics-1flv-clip
Cherie DeVille TGP 8
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Name:   Cherie DeVille
Pics:   16
Movie Clips:   1x3minute flv

Action:   Johnny had no choice but to fuck horny office boss Cherie yesterday,  because if he said 'no' she threatened to fire his wife .... This blatant abuse of power ended up hurting a lot of people .... Particularly the guys whose wives Cherie didn't threaten to fire!

1. Cherie fires Johnny's wife
2. Johnny begs for his wife's job back
3. Cherie sucks Johnny's cock
4. Johnny fucks Cherie in doggy
5. Johnny fucks Cherie standing up
site:   BigTitsAtWork
Network:   Brazzers

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Anya Ivy And Krissy Lynn MBC-TGP-1-MomsInControl-16-pics-1flv-clip
Anya Ivy And Krissy Lynn TGP 1
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Name:   Anya Ivy And Krissy Lynn
Pics:   16
Movie Clips:   1x3minute flv

Action:   Krissy has just bought her stepson a totally awesome present in the form of a ravishing young hooker called Anya .... Apparently he doesn't have much sexual experience, so he's never fucked a gift whore in the mouth!

1. Tyler tells Krissy his troubles
2. Krissy introduces Tyler to Anya
3. Anya sucks Tyler's cock
4. Tyler fucks Anya in missionary
5. Tyler fucks Krissy in doggy
site:   MomsInControl
Network:   Brazzers

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Kendra Lust MBC-TGP-23-MilfsLikeItBig-16-pics-1flv-clip
Kendra Lust TGP 23
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Name:   Kendra Lust
Pics:   16
Movie Clips:   1x3minute flv

Action:   Drill Sergeant Lust almost had Xander in tears when she made him get down and give her fifty .... That said,  he did cheer up quite a lot later when she made him get down and give her sixty-nine!

1. Kendra gives Xander his early morning drill
2. Kendra realizes she's at the wrong house
3. Kendra tit fucks Xander and sucks his cock
4. Kendra 69s with Xander
5. Xander fucks Kendra in reverse cowgirl
6. Xander fucks Kendra in ballerina
site:   MilfsLikeItBig
Network:   Brazzers

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Jessica Jaymes MBC-TGP-25-DoctorAdventures-16-pics-1flv-clip
Jessica Jaymes TGP 25
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Name:   Jessica Jaymes
Pics:   16
Movie Clips:   1x3minute flv

Action:   Most experts advise you to see a doctor for an erection that lasts four hours,  but not all medical professionals agree .... Dr. Jaymes thinks it should be four minutes!

1. Bill shows Dr. Jaymes his problem
2. Jessica sucks Bill's dick
3. Bill fucks Jessica in spoon
4. Bill fucks Jessica in missionary
site:   DoctorAdventures
Network:   Brazzers

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Dani Daniels MBC-TGP-11-RealWifeStories-16-pics-1flv-clip
Dani Daniels TGP 11
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Name:   Dani Daniels
Pics:   16
Movie Clips:   1x3minute flv

Action:   When cops barged in and arrested Dani's husband in the middle of a kinky sex session,  she swore it was the last time the asshole would ever humiliate her .... Thanks to the bulge in Detective Yashua's pants,  Dani wants him to humiliate her instead!

1. Dani gets cuffed to the bed
2. The cops burst in on Dani and hubby
3. Dani comes on to Prince
4. Prince eats Dani's pussy
5. Dani sucks Prince's dick
6. Prince fucks Dani in doggy
site:   RealWifeStories
Network:   Brazzers

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Amirah Adara MBC-TGP-3-DirtyMasseur-16-pics-1flv-clip
Amirah Adara TGP 3
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Name:   Amirah Adara
Pics:   16
Movie Clips:   1x3minute flv

Action:   Horny Hungaria Amirah always insists on being massaged with an extremely rare brand of olive oil ... It's called Extra-Slut Olive Oil!

1. Danny massages Amirah
2. Amirah sucks Danny's dick
3. Danny fucks Amirah in doggy
4. Danny fucks Amirah in reverse cowgirl
site:   DirtyMasseur
Network:   Brazzers

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Abigail Mac MBC-TGP-1-BigTitsAtSchool-16-pics-1flv-clip
Abigail Mac TGP 1
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Name:   Abigail Mac
Pics:   16
Movie Clips:   1x3minute flv

Action:   Up until he walked in on Abigail masturbating in his supply room,  Small Hands the janitor had always thought of himself as a working stiff .... Now he's starting to think of himself as a working stiffer!

1. Abigail sits through a really boring lecture
2. Abigail sneaks into the janitor's closet to masturbate
3. Small catches Abigail in the act
4. Abigail sucks Small's dick
5. Small fucks Abigail in missionary
6. Small fucks Abigail in doggy
site:   BigTitsAtSchool
Network:   Brazzers

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