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Hot Mocha With A Little Honey

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009
Mocha With A Little Honey
The lovely big, natural tits of Honey De Jour and Alexis Silver
Sierra uses her ample cleavage to distract the dealer Cassandra flashes her big titties Sierra and Cassandra compare boobies
Cassandra watches Jordan squeezing Sierra's titties
Jordan, Cassandra and Sierra take the dealer to the cleaners Sierra removes Cassandra's skirt Sierra and Cassandra make a move for Jordan's cock
Cassandra and Sierra suck one side of Jordan's dick each
Cassandra and Sierra get ready to start sucking Jordan fucks Cassandra's tits Sierra smiles as Jordan gives Cassandra a good doggy style fucking
Sierra and Cassandra rub smother Jordan's dick between their huge boobs
Cassandra squeezes Sierra's tits while Jordan fucks her Sierra gives Jordan a nice titty fuck Jordan sprays Cassandra's and Sierra's tits with jiz
Reality Kings were wondering if there was any sight more spectacular than Alexis Silver's boobs?....Everybody knows there's nothing quite like the delicious taste of light chocolate...But it's even sweeter if you add a little Honey!.....So yesterday, they decided to see just how well Honey Dejour's amazing rack measured up against Britain's favorite pair of knockers....Even though they knew that Honey's honkers weren't quite as gigantic as the busty British wonder's, They were sure she'd be able to match the lovely Alexis breast for big, beautiful, natural breast due to the unrivaled squishiness of those wonderful sweater puppies of hers!.....One man who was particularly pleased to see this big boob match up was Czech horndog, Reno!.....It was he who got to cram those four huge helpings of breast meat into his mouth and judge which ones were the tastiest!....As I'm sure you can imagine, Reno had a hell of alot of fun taking Alexis and Honey out for a chest drive.....But in the end, there was nothing between these two lovely pairs of tits....Unless, of course, you count lucky old Reno's cock!
In clip one, Danielle gives Jules a nice blow job
Play Clip One
In clip two, Jules fucks the wonderfully flexible Danielle on the couchPlay Clip Two
In clip three, Jules fucks Danielle's beautiful asshole, doggy stylePlay Clip Three In clip four, bounces her butthole up and down on Jules's dickPlay Clip Four

Alexis Silver

Honey De Jour

A Happy British Boob Day From Alexis

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
A Happy British Boob Day From Alexis
Busty British babe Alexis Silver takes a nice bubble bath
Alexis rests the faucet between her huge soapy juggs Alexis Silver licks suds from between her big soapy tits Alexis shows off her British bum
Close up of Alexis with a butt plug up her ass
Alexis holds the shower nozzle and sprays off her tits Alexis Silver puts on her knickers Alexs dresses up in a flimsy white top and some denim shorts
Manuel is impressed by Alexis Silver's cleavage
Alexis takes hold of Manuel's dick Alexis lowers her tongue towards Manuel's cock Alexis takes Manuel's cock into her mouth and starts sucking
Alexis Silver titty fucks Manuel while licking the tip of his dick
Manuel fucks Alexis While sticking two fingers in her asshole Manuel fucks Alexis in the ass while holding on to her huge rack Manuel spray Alexis Silver's big melons with nut
As I'm sure you know by now, today is British Boob day!.....Earlier on,  Abby Brooks and her British roommate, Sophie Dee celebrated the occasion by having a threesome  with their good friend, Tony...and now, super-busty Yorkshire lass, Alexis Silver wants to show the world that lovely Welsh rarebit, Sophie isn't the only wench in the United Queendom with a fabulous pair of Bristol Cities!....Despite years of animosity between the Brits and the French....Manuel Ferrara took one look at Miss Silver's gigantic knockers and decided he wanted to be part of the festivities!....And filled with the British Boob Day spirit, Alexis agreed that they should put aside their differences and welcomed Manuel's French knob into the tiny gap between her enormous tits!.....That's it for British Boob Day, I'm afraid.....Until next year, I'll leave you with these pictures of lovely Alexis enjoying the occasion with the a good hard pussy pummeling.....a festive looking butt plug...and celebratory shot of the very finest French spunk.
clip one
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clip twoPlay Clip Two
clip threePlay Clip Three clip fourPlay Clip Four

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Angel Eyes And Alexis Silver: Double Chocolate With Vanilla Filling

Sunday, December 7th, 2008
Angel Eyes And Alexis Silver: Double Chocolate With Vanilla Filling
Angel Eyes and Alexis Silver pose in sexy lingerie Angel Eyes and Alexis Silver move close together Alexis feels up Angel's boobs Angel Eyes and Alexis Silver rub their big tits together Alexis Silver and Angel Eyes in hip hop stance

A big boob pose from Alexis and Angel Eyes
They have really nice booties too!....See them at

Alexis sucks Mark's cock while Angel Eyes licks the shaft Angel Eyes takes over the cock sucking Mark and the two fellatrices smile for the camera Alexis holds on to Angel's big booty as Mark fucks her Angel Eyes plays with Alexis Silver's tits while she gets fucked
Alexis strokes Angel's hair as the two pose for a shot Angel takes care of Alexis Silver's pussy while she gets fucked in doggy Mark cums onto Angel's tongue while Alexis waits for the swap Angel Eyes cleans up some jiz from Mark's dick Cum-covered Angel Eyes and Alexis Silver pose for the final shot
Every now and again I notice a scene that I just have to see!.....Angel Eyes with Alexis Silver!....There was no way I was gonna miss that one!.....This one actually came out in 2006 and I wasn't even aware of its existence until about a week ago....It's from ZTOD's Double Decker Sandwich 8 and watching it was every bit as ball-shatteringly fantastic as I would have expected from these two ebony stunners!.....Angel Eyes has this little, green, double-sided stud in her tongue which looks totally, fucking awesome...especially when it's flickering over Alexis's lovely, big nipples.....And when these two girls's just about the most beautiful thing ever!....It's unbelievably fortunate Brit, Mark Davis who somehow manages to fuck these two without shooting his load in about 30 seconds.....and from then on, it's a continuous medley of the jiggling jugs of Alexis and the bouncing booty of Angel Eyes.....And when Davis eventually does shoot his load....we're treated to the spectacle of the two hot mommas first sharing the cum with their tongues, then spitting it all over their tits....then smearing the jiz all over their tits as they rub them together!.....Did I say ball-shatteringly fantastic?.....That doesn't begin to do justice to this one!

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Meet Busty Stylist, Alexis Silver

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
Alexis Silver Is The Wrong Girl To Go To For A Haircut
Alexis Silver shows off her massive cleavage Busty Alexis Silver strips down to her bra Alexis Silver uses her hands to cover her big juicy nipples Awesome close up of Alexis Silvers big natural tits Alexis Silver attempts to cut Ramon's hair

Larger thumb of pic 4><br/><br/><br/>
<a title=See how Alexis Silver's tits look with a dick between them at

Alexis Silver shows Ramon one of her massive breasts Ramon kisses Alexis's ear while squeezing her big tits Alexis Silver with Ramon's cock in her mouth Alexis Silver places Ramon's cock between her big tits and licks his tip Ramon fucks Alexis on the barber's chair
Alexis Silver balances on one leg while having her pussy pounded Alexis Silver loves to have her breasts fondled Cowgirl, Alexis Silver Alexis Silver with jiz dribbling from her lips and down her jugs Alexis Silver cleans her cum covered boobs with her tongue
Ramon went to get his hair cut the other day....and...honest to God....that's just what he intended to do........But he made the mistake of insisting that huge titted pornstar and part time stylist, Alexis Silver cut it for him.....At first, everything was OK.....But Alexis's massive jugs kept smacking poor Ramon in the head.....Eventually, Ramon's cock just got too hard to continue....and he just had to turn around and start sucking on Alexis's nipples.....Alexis loves to have her big boobs man she returned the favor by getting down on her knees and sucking Ramon's dick....Then... when Ramon asked her if he could slide it in between her massive melons, Alexis consented....and Ramon spent the next few minutes fucking her tits.......As you can imagine, fucking Alexis's tits is fantastic...but after a little while, Ramon wanted to fuck her pussy too!....Luckily, Alexis loves the feel of a big cock pumping in and out of her.....So Ramon pounded her in several positions before shooting his load all over her tits.......To cut a long story short.....Alexis licked Ramon's cum from her breasts...and Ramon went home with exactly the same hair style.

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