Alice Roman MBC-TGP-1-DoctorAdventures-10-pics-1flv-clip

Alice Roman MBC-TGP-1-DoctorAdventures-10-pics-1flv-clip
Alice Roman TGP 1
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Name:   Alice Roman
Pics:   10
Movie Clips:   1x3minute flv

Setup:  Setup:  Roughly half of the US population regularly suffer from blue balls!....Yet many insurance companies refuse to cover this condition, even in an emergency!....Naughty nurses who specialize in relieving blue balls are far from cheap.....And a naughty American nurse can end up costing a really horny patient litterally thousands of dollars!.....Meet Alice.....One of the many naughty nurses available in socialist Europe....Alice knows exactly what to do when confronted with a raging hard on...And like all European nurses, she is absolutely free, extremely hot, and very, very naughty indeed!......But that's not all....As you're watching Alice at work, you'll probably notice that her pussy has been shaved!....That's right....Those lucky Europeans even have a pubic option!


1. Alice massages Ian's cock and balls then blows and titty fucks him
2. Ian fucks Alice in anal spoon
3. Ian fucks Alice in reverse cowgirl
4. Ian fucks Alice in cowgirl
Network:   Brazzers

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