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The Problem With Jessica’s Chakras

Friday, July 31st, 2009
The Problem With Jessica's Chakras
Jessica Moore in a yellow top and a short denim skirt Jessica Moore presses her big natural boobs together Jessica Moore naked with her foot on a chair Naked Jessica Moore covers up her naughty bits Jessica disrupts Scott's meditation class Scott gets a handful of Jessica's ass cheeks
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Years of meditation have allowed Scott Nails to become one of the most sought after gurus in the country....Virtually all who come to see him greatly benefit from his calming mantras and deep breathing techniques.....Every so often, however, Scott encounters a student like Jessica who simply doesn't respond to conventional methods of relaxation....Due to her big, fat tits and her huge is very difficult to correctly align her chakras....thus making her both disruptive and irritable.....Despite Jessica's bad attitude, there are one or two things you can do to calm her down....For instance, she responds extremely well to rough sex....A big cock stuffed firmly into her asshole works particularly well!....Scott likes to fit Jessica into his schedule as often as he possibly can....She is a very challenging subject and fucking her ass makes him feel as though he's really helping her!....It's not unusual for Scott to completely blow off the rest of his clients in order to spend some extra time with this busty little trouble maker....This way, there's plenty of time for Jessica to blow him off!
Scott feels up Jessica's butthole
Jessica gives Scott a good cock sucking
POV pic of Jessica Moore blowing Scott Nails
Scott pounds Jessica's ass doggy style Scott fucks Jessica's ass over the back of a stool Jessica rides Scott with her asshole 1 Jessica rides Scott with her asshole 2 Scott and Jessica spoon while he fucks her butt Jessica Moore poses whith jiz on her face and tits

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This Is A Job For Sophie Dee

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
This Is A Job For Sophie Dee
16 pics of Yurizan Beltran's hardcore girl on girl scene with Sophie Dee
It wasn't easy getting Yurizan Beltran to do a hardcore scene....She was offered money, dildos...and then more money and even bigger dildos!....The response was always the same...A definitive no!....But the desire to see Yurizan getting her pussy eaten was overwhelming...And whenever a company has trouble getting a hot young nude model to do porn, they usually turn to Sophie Dee for help!....The amazing Miss Dee's persuasive powers are legendary in the porn industry....In fact, if it weren't for Sophie, many of our favorite adult stars wouldn't be performing today!....She's even had a couple of successes getting people outside the industry to make sex tapes...But for the sake of discretion, we won't mention any names....We'll just call them Sparis Spilton and Spim Spardashian!....Sparis and Spim aside, though, this Latina sex bomb may just be Sophie's toughest nut to crack yet....Where Yurizan grew up, muff diving was strictly forbiden...So breaking her free from the traditions of the old country could be a real challenge!....But then...If anybody can do it, Sophie can....They don't call her Svengali Dee for nothing!
Yurizan Beltran and Sophie Dee introduce themselves
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Sophie introduces herself to Yurizan's titsPlay Clip Two More nipple sucking from SophiePlay Clip Three
Yurizan lets her fingers do the walking inside Sophie's pussyPlay Clip Four Finally Yurizan Beltran eats a girl outPlay Clip Five Sophie stuffs Yurizan's pussy with a vibratorPlay Clip Six

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Swing Along With Jayden And Avy

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
Swing Along With Jayden And Avy
Avy Scott in a sexy black corset and a thong Avy Scott topless Jayden James in sexy pink lingerie Jayden James topless Jayden James and Avy Scott stand booty to booty Keiran Lee arrives home to find his wife Jayden in bed watching porn
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Keiran had had an absolutely dreadful day at work.....So the last thing he needed when he got home was to find out his wife, Jayden, was cheating on him!....Catching your wife naked in bed with another woman is all well and good....In fact, let's face it, it's actually pretty hot!....But catching your wife naked in bed with another woman and another dude!....That's the kind of thing that ends marraiges!....There was one thing stopping Keiran from immediately calling his attorney!.....The two kinky swingers Jayden had hooked up with were Scott Nails and his wife, Avy Scott!....What's good for the goose is good for the gander and if Keiran was going to stand by while his wife got nailed by this Scott dude....then getting his hands on Avy's beautiful knockers would certainly make him feel alot better about this whole swinging thing!.....So Keiran fucked Avy while Scott fucked Jayden....Then they swapped places and fucked their own wives.....But what really saved the marraige was watching Avy licking all that nut from his wife's face after the two men had cum....I think he'd have forgiven her anything after seeing that!

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Keiran is surprised by swingers Avy and Scott
Keiran decides to go with the situation
Jayden sucks Keiran's cock while Scott lick's Avy's pussy
Jayden and Avy suck dick Avy sucks cock and gets her pussy fucked at the same time Jayden sucks AVy's tits while both girls are getting fucked Jayden and AVy suck each other's husbands' cocks Jayden and Avy lay side to side and get fucked Avy rides Keiran while Scott fucks Jayden doggy style

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Death By Alexis Texas

Monday, July 27th, 2009
Death By Alexis Texas
Alexis Texas wearing a blue and white pokadot bikini
The famous ass of Alexis Texas Alexis rests her bare booty on the side of the pool Alexis Texas and her floatation device
Alexis rests a cock on the tip of her tongue
Alexis Texas sucking cock Alexis smothers a guy with her deadly weapon Alexis sits on a guys face
Nice shot of some prime Alexis Texas booty
Guy fucks Alexis while squeezing her chubby cheeks Alexis Texas gets her pussy slammed Alexis gets fucked between her ass cheeks
Alexis Texas in reverse cowboy
Alexis rides dick Another great booty shot from Alexis Alexis Texas after the pop shot
When you have an can like Alexis Texas, people are going to turn up at your house with a video camera from time to time....That's just the way it goes!....Luckily, though, Alexis doesn't mind....In fact, she kind of likes the attention.....And when Manuel Ferrara and his crew turned up the other day, she welcomed them with open legs!...Of course, everyone who visits Alexis has a few requests.....Shaking her ass is obviously the most popular one....But lately, people have been asking to fuck her between her butt cheeks, too!....Perhaps her most controversial trick is the one where she sits on your face...The trouble with this one is that everyone enjoys it so much that they never want her to stand up again...despite the fact that they can't breath at all!....To her credit, Alexis is always very careful when performing her face sitting trick...and so far..she hasn't killed anybody!....Still...I suppose if that monster booty of hers ever does cause a fatality, It's pretty hard to think of a better way to go!

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