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Beautiful Asians: Noticing Avena Lee’s Ass For The First Time !

Thursday, June 26th, 2008
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It's beautiful Asian chick time !...And Asian or not... they don't come much more beautiful than Avena Lee !...along with Charmane, Nautica, Tera, Lucy...I'm not gonna name them all..Avena is one of the many Asian porn stars who have long made me consider a move eastward....She looks truly spectacular here in her little blue bikini...and would you believe it...after seeing so many Avena movies...I've never really noticed what a great ass she has !....I think it's because I haven't really seen her do a tease before....Jules Jordan (master of filming girls in really hot outfits doing really long sexy teases) seems to share my prediliction for Asian women...and he's used most of my favorites...but I don't think he ever made a movie with Avena...If he did, I want to know about it !...So...back to the clips...and after driving us all nuts doing her sexy little bikini-tease, Avena gets down to business and starts to suck cock...We get quick little flashes of Avena's beautiful eyes as she looks up to the camera every now and again...and it makes me think how I really need to see Avena in a POV movie !....Next..Avena is in reverse-cowboy..and the camera-guy does a nice job of hilighting that lovely ass that I only just really noticed...before moving around to those lovely tits ...which believe you me...I noticed immediately upon seeing her !....In clip four...Avena is being fucked doggy-style...and once again...I cannot believe I've never noticed this booty before !..I'm not kidding..I've seen alot of Avena's scenes !....Finally, it's time for the cum-shot...and I'm thinking this must be fairly early Avena work..because she does just a little bit of cum dodging...but all in all..this look like a very hot scene !....I think Avena's left the industry now...If she has, it's a damn shame for porn-fiends everywhere !....Clips come courtesy of
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