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Bikini Queenie

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Bikini Queenie

The gorgeous Aryana Starr looking lovely in her bright green bikini Aryana's skin tight bikini briefs cannot contain her glorious ass cheeks
Aryana Starr goes topless revealin a staggering natural rack Aryana Starr in a sexy naked pose
Aryana Starr finally frees her booty Aryana Starr very nicely holds her pussy lips open for us
Aryana Starr licks CJ Wright's nuts Aryana sucks the hell out of CJ's dick
CJ fucks the lovely Aryana missionary style Aryana displays more pink pussy as she gets fucked in reverse cowboy
CJ fucks Aryana doggy style in order to get a better view of her fantastic ass Aryana drips cum out of her pretty pink pussy
You can never have too many big black racks in a blog like this.....So I thought it was about time I posted this Aryana Starr gallery!.....You may remember I was going to do this one a couple of weeks ago....But I was completely sidetracked by the incredibly gorgeous Kandee Licks and ended up posting that gallery instead!.....Well I've finally gotten around to the equally gorgeous Aryana....And looking at the way she fills out that green bikini, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why it took me so long!....Of course, there's a considerable amount to be said for the way Aryana looks without the bikini, as well!.....And as you'll see from the video clips, she looks much better when she's moving around....and even better than that when she's moving around on the end of a cock!....This 5ft 8 tall drink of Jamaican water has made over twenty movies to it looks as if she's probably going to be sticking around for a while....And for how ever long she does, I'll keep putting her in my blog....So until the next time she appears, enjoy watching the bewitching bikini queen as she uses her luscious lips and perfect pussy to drain the nut out of CJ Wright's lucky old dick!

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Aryana Needs A Spanking

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Aryana Star cups her big natural boobs
Aryana Star in a pink bra and thong Aryana flashes a boob Full frontal nude Aryana Star with her legs wide open
Aryana Star buries a French guy's face between her ass cheeks
Aryana Star gets her tits sucked Aryana Star removes a guy's pants Aryana licks the tip of a guy's dick
Aryana Star in reverse cowboy
Aryana Star rides a cock Aryana gets fucked with her legs in the air Aryana Star gets fucked on red bed sheets
Aryana gets fucked doggy style
Aryana gets fucked sideways Some French cum for Aryana's booty Aryana Star poses with jiz on her butt
Ebony floosy, Aryana Star absolutely loves to fuck!....And it is her shameful lifetime's ambition to eventually have sex with at least one man from every country in the world!....It's not surprising that when Reality Kings asked her to perform some incredibly lewd acts with a French man in front of a camera, she jumped at the chance of having a big, white, French European dick inside her wet, pink, African American pussy!....It's no use telling Aryana that sex is a beautiful gift from heaven which she should save until she meets the man she loves....She'll simply take the cock out of her mouth and laugh in your face and then go back to sucking it again!....I don't think there's any way this wanton, young woman can be steered from the promiscuous path she's chosen and onto a righteous one.....I would suggest a good, firm spanking to her beautiful, big, round, brown behind...but it would seem that having her ass smacked simply makes Aryana want sex more!
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Erika And Aryanna’s Discount

Thursday, February 12th, 2009
Erika And Aryanna's Discount
Aryanna Starr tries on her new dress Aryanna shows off her breasts and pussy lips Erika Vution in a purple top and jeans Erika gets her tits out and sticks one finger up her pussy Erika and Aryanna kneel side by side naked Erika and Aryanna are confronted by store clerk, Danny Mountain

Hot Black Chicks With Great Big Tits....The new clothing store just opened by the MOFOS network has a strict rule against customers entering the changing rooms with more than two items of clothing!.....So when store clerk, Danny Mountain saw curvy cuties, Erika Vution and Aryanna Starr entering the changing rooms carrying above the minimum, he had no choice but to try and stop them!.......But the two ebony hotties made such a fuss, that Danny backed down and offered them a 50% discount if they'd just shut the fuck up and leave the store!.......Aryanna, however, had a better idea!....She suggested that Danny watch her and Erika changing into their new, sexy clothing....Then...when his cock was hard from seeing all that gorgeous booty, the two girls would give him the fucking of a lifetime!....All Danny had to do was let them walk out of the store with any items of clothing they liked for free!....Perhaps not surprisingly, Danny ended up agreeing that Aryanna's idea was far better for everybody than a 50% discount....And after receiving a good cock sucking from the lovely pair.....just as they'd promissed, Erika and Aryanna allowed Danny to fuck them both just as hard as he liked!....I'm guessing that Danny's going to really enjoy working at this store...I just don't see how he'll ever make any money!

Aryanna subdues Danny
Danny is stunned by the two beautiful black asses
Aryanna licks Danny's balls while Erika sucks his cock
Erika and Aryanna both lick the tip of Danny's dick Erika rides Danny's dick while feeding Erika a mouth full of pierced nipple Erika guides Danny's cock into Aryanna's pussy Aryanna gets fucked doggy style Erika rubs her pussy while watching Danny fuck Aryanna Erika fingers Aryanna while being reamed by Danny

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Aryanna Star Shines

Monday, October 6th, 2008
Aryanna Star Shines
Aryanna Star covers her boobies in oil to make them easier to fuck
See Aryanna's photo gallery.....I think you'll particularly like her sexy bikini and watching her jugs get fucked until they're covered in cum
Well.....After a couple of weeks of drooling over sexy pics and clips, I finally got to sit down and watch a full scene of this girl.....And decked out in her hot little bikini.....ebony beauty, Aryanna Star litterally shines in this scene from yes...I do mean litterally......The dusky dime piece is completely covered in baby oil from the neck down for the best three quarters of this ball-shattering little tits 'n' ass fest!.......I'm afraid I'm going to have to break my own rule and move her directly onto my favorite's list.....And if you happen to watch her, I think you'll understand why......She one of those wonderful girls whose body just can't keep still!......From her gorgeous, natural titties down to her perfectly round, big, black booty......every part of this woman ripples at the slightest touch!.......And you know how when you're watching a really hot pornstar....and you're thinking....God!!!....I hope she does this....and....Damn!!!....I hope she does that.....Well Aryanna does it all.....It's like the chick can read my mind!......If you like glistening, oily boobs and booties.....and watching great big titties being fucked until they get covered in hot, white, sticky not miss this one!
Aryanna Star's insanely hot booty
Damn!!!!.....Is that a sick booty, or what?.....There are some free video clips here

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