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Thank Heaven!

Monday, May 31st, 2010
Thank Heaven!
Halie James and Heaven Summers movie
Heaven Summers and Halie James make out while smothering Voodoo with their tits Halie gets her neck nibbled by Voodoo and her nipple nibbled by Heaven
Halie and Voodoo strip Heaven down to her purple bra and black, leather mini skirt Heaven feeds Voodoo's dick to Halie
Halie watches as Voodoo fucks Heaven's tits Halie sucks Voodoo's dick while he titty fucks Heaven
Halie watches while Heaven sucks Voodoo's dick Halie watches while Voodoo fucks Heaven doggy style
Halie gets fucked from behind while Heaven lies back with her legs in the air Heaven plays with Halies pussy while being fucked by Voodoo
Halie gets fucked by Voodoo while Heaven rubs her clit Halie rests her boobs on Heaven's stomach while she gets fucked
Heaven and Halie smother Voodoo's dick with their boobs Voodoo cums over Heaven's and Halie's tits
Heaven Summers and Halie James pose after getting cum on their boobs Heaven Summers and Halie James pose after getting cum on their boobs
Enter Reality Kings
Big Naturals were overjoyed when they successfully booked Halie James for a scene!......I mean...She's cute!...She's bubbly!.....And most importantly of all, she has insanely nice tits!.....So you can imagine their dismay when, out of the blue, the little bitch turned around and informed them that she didn't really like cock!......Obviously, the Big Naturals team had to come up with a way to set the recalcitrant young Halie straight!....So they instantly called up busty beauty and renowned cock-lover, Heaven Summers!....You have to admire Heaven's resolve in these hotties-who-hate-cock situations!...The moment she got the call, she let go of the dick she was sucking and rushed over to the beauty salon where Halie and Voodoo were waiting!.....Then....she wasted no time in demonstrating to Halie just how awesome a cock would look thrusting in and out of her pussy while her boobs were jiggling erratically too and fro!....The wonderful sight of Heaven's bouncing boobs had exactly the desired effect on the pussy loving Halie.....And by the time they were done, not only had both girls received the good, hard pounding that we so love to see chicks this hot get......But Halie's tits were covered in just as much cum as Heaven's!......Nice work, Heaven!....Now all that's left is for Big Naturals to cast Halie in as many hardcore scenes as they can before she remembers that she actually prefers girls!.....As for you, Heaven.....Your next assignment is to get over to  We Live Together and use your corrupting powers on Sammie, Molly and Celeste!

Halie James and Heaven Summers free video clips and photos come courtesy of Big Naturals
Proof of all Reality Kings models ages can be found by clicking here

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