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Still Going Strong: The Lovely Amber Michaels…

Friday, June 27th, 2008
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There's a bit in  Amber Michaels's scene in  Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Felatio #21..(just free clips)  where Amber is sucking dick...wearing a long split skirt..with her butt thrust toward the camera !..Do you ever have those "porno-moments"?...It's just a split second..but when you see're like "WOW !"...and you watch the bit over and over again !....Well..while she's sucking dick...Amber takes hold of that long, black split skirt and tosses it to the side...revealing her gorgeous, panty-free ass..and one of the most beautiful pussies ever to be shamelessly displayed in public !...It was probably 8 or 9 years ago when I first saw that scene..but that wonderful, split-second image of Ambers beautiful, pink pussy is implanted firmly in my brain to this day !...I can't really say that Amber looks better with age..and I can't really say she looks worse !...No...The amazing thing about Amber Michaels is that she looks exactly the same !..Amber is only a few years younger than me..but she still looks every bit as hot and sexy as when I first saw her back in the late 90s in another  Dr. Fellatio classic: No 14....(just free clips)....I haven't seen the full length version of the above scene...and I'm not sure when the movie was released..but Amber looks smokin' as usual !....Tip !...Watch for Amber's amazing ass bouncing up and down in clip 3...and her nasty cum-slurping in clip 5 !....Clips come courtesy of
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