List of blog posts starring Tera Patrick

List of blog posts starring Tera Patrick
Tera Patrick post 11
Image gallery of Tera looking fucking gorgeous in red latex plus some video of some dude spooging all over Tera's tits
Tera Patrick post 10
Nice strip-tease gallery of Tera plus a flash video of the wonderful girl tearing up her pussy with a huge dildo
Tera Patrick post 9
Gallery number three and she's naked at last!.....Lovely Tera as nature intended....Damn she's hot!!!!
Tera Patrick post 8
Part two and you know what?....I really want her to take it off!
Tera Patrick post 7
The first of three Tera galleries....In this one, she teases us by keeping her bikini on....But the way she fills that thing out...I don't care if she takes it off or not
Tera Patrick post 6
Tera's hubby, Spyder Jonez is the star of the site, Tera went and did a scene over there to mark her...ummm!!!...Tera-tory
Tera Patrick post 5
Ooh look!....It's Charmane again!.....Obviously I fucked up here....I should have used this gallery with post number 3.....I thought about redoing it but it didn't really make any sense....So here's the gallery that should have gone with post 3 plus some video footage of Tera masturbating
Tera Patrick post 4
There's a gallery here of Tera in her oriental gear.....and some video of Tera all alone with nothing to do but play with her dildo....Ah!!!..Those quiet moments!
Tera Patrick post 3
That's Tera's buddy, Charmane.....There's a link to one of Charmane's image galleries plus some clips of Charmane and Tera licking each other's pussies....Does it get any hotter than that?
Tera Patrick post 2
There are two picture galleries here...One of Tera and one of Nikki Benz......There are also some video clips of Tera and Nikki in a lesbo scene together....Nice!!!!
Tera Patrick post 1
This one's just video clips...but I was really struck by how nice Tera's tits looked here.....Oh yeah!...She sucks a dick as well

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  1. hawaii bob Says:

    aloha! Miss Patrick u should make more mandingo movies with gangbang & thug blowjobs with anal. hot stuff

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