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Ice’s Diagnosis

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Ice's Diagnosis

Trumpet player, Ice Lafox wearing the sexiest band costume ever Ice takes out her tits and lifts up her frilly skirt Ice Lafox naked on the doctor's couch Full frontal nude pic of Ice Ice takes her trumpet to Dr. Dera's office Dr. Dera gives Ice something to suck on
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Ice was the lead trumpet player for the Brazzersville marching band....But lately, she'd had a little trouble with her blowing action!.....Ice was very fond of her trumpet...and her blowing skills were really important to her...So she went to see Dr. Dera to find out what could be causing the problem....Dr. Dera instantly knew what was wrong....Trumpet players with really big tits like Ice's often came to him with the similar symptoms......Enormous knockers eventually tend to constrict the diaphragm causing the tiny muscles involved in the sucking and blowing process to become impaired!....He told Ice her problem was not a serious one....and that it could be easily treated by her taking out his cock and performing a few simple sucking excercises....Then he would fuck her hard enough to make her scream...thus re-opening Ice's constricted diaphragm!....Dr. Dera certainly knew his business...After having her face and her pussy thoroughly fucked, Ice was now performing some of the best trumpet solos of her life!...And where those gigantic boobs of hers were concerned....she'd just have to keep on paying the doctor regular visits.
Dr. Dera hands Ice a cucumber
Ice wants something bigger to suck
Ice sucking Charles Dera's dick 1
Ice sucking Charles Dera's dick Dr Dera fucks Ice on the couch Dr. Dera fucks Ice in reverse cowboy Ice spoons with Dr Dera Dr Dera fucks Ice while sucking her nipples Dr Dera fucks Ice in doggy

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Ice, Ice Booby

Monday, March 9th, 2009
Ice, Ice Booby
Ice Lafox shows off one of her big boobs
Ice Lafox in a sexy cleavage revealing peach summer dress Ice points her big tits at the camera Ice's amazing booty in a pink thong
Ice's fantastic big juicy bubble butt
Ice pulls her thong up between her beautiful camel toe Ice Lafox arrives at Ramon Nomar's place Ramon pulls Ice's pink thong to the side and licks her pierced pink pussy
Ice rests Ramon's cock on her tongue
Ice licks Ramon's crotch through his pants Ice expresses surprise at the size of Ramon's dick Ice stops playing around and sucks Ramon's dick
Ramon grips Ice's ass and fucks her hard
Ice looking beautiful as she gets fucked in missionary Ramon marvels at Ice's ass as he fucks her on the sofa Ramon covers Ice's booty cheek in cum
Angelique has come a long way since the guys from 8thStreetLatinas first found her roaming the streets of Los Angeles looking for cock!.....Now, of course, she's called Ice Lafox....and she's been through one or two changes!.....OK!...So she's been through precisely two changes....namely...those two whopping great fun bags just beneath her shoulders!....Actually, I was extremely fond of Ice's little boobs...and the newer, more enormous ones took a little getting used to!.....But it's always been Ice's gorgeous, exotic features and her fantastic ass that give me the biggest hard her unnecessary boob job never really bothered with most pornstars who grow three or four full cup sizes overnight, I learned to love her gynormous, new, fake boobies!.....When I get around to it, I'll post a gallery of Ice the way she looked when I first fell in love with her....and I've included a link here to some short clips of  Ice's first scene for 8thStreetLatinas.....But for now, please enjoy these pics and clips of the olive skinned stunner....Clips one and two should give you some idea of why I've begun to love her fake tits so much and clip four will show you just why I have and will always love that booty!
clip one
Play Clip One
clip twoPlay Clip Two
clip threePlay Clip Three clip fourPlay Clip Four

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Black Ice

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009
Black Ice
Ice gets fucked in missionary 1 Ice gets fucked in missionary 2 Cowgirl Ice 1 Cowgirl Ice 2 Ice's beautiful booty, doggy style 1
Larger version of thumb 3
Black or Latin?....You decide!
Ice's beautiful booty, doggy style 2 Ice's beautiful booty, doggy style 3 Ice's beautiful booty, doggy style 4 Ice in reverse cowboy 1 Ice in reverse cowboy 2
Ice in reverse cowboy 3 Amazing view of Ice's ass as she gets fucked sideways 1 Amazing view of Ice's ass as she gets fucked sideways 2 Amazing view of Ice's ass as she gets fucked sideways 1 Ice Lafox with cum dribbling from her chin
The next gallery from Black Booty Invasion features beautiful, ebony godess, Ice Lafox!....Wait a minute!...Ice Lafox is black?!!!....Actually, I'm being a little disingenuous here!.....I have seen her in all black movies before!.....And back in 2001 when I saw Ice for the first time, I thought she was black, myself!....But after finding out her mother is  Angela D'angelo, then watching her in a ton of Latin themed pornos, I just assumed I was wrong!....Just for the hell of it, I did an IAFD search for  Angela D'angelo....Check it out!....In her profile pic, her resemblance to Ice is uncanny!....Other than that, though, it wasn't much help as she's listed as multi ethnic...and it doesn't say who Ice's father is!....Ice's fantastic ass is no help either since both black girls and Latin girls are renouned for their prodigious posteriors!.....Ice's ambiguous ethnicity had me completely befuddled right up until the moment she put that dude's dick in her mouth!....After that, suddenly I didn't care whether Ice was black, Latin or Eskimo!....It's funny how watching a pretty girl suck dick will do that to you!

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Brazzers Girl: There’s something about Ice

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008
Brazzers Girl: There's something about Ice
Ice LaFox prepares for the big game Ice LaFox with a pin between her bowling ball sized tits Ice LaFox surrounded by balls...but not the kind she really likes Ice LaFox and Jordan square off Ice Lafox measuring up Jordan's style Ice LaFox flashes her big tits at Jordan
There's something different about Ice LaFox these days...but I just can't quite seem to put my finger on what it is......She's still got those gorgeous, exotic looking features......She's still got that amazingly round and succulent, phat Latino booty......And I've always loved those small perky natural bre......Hey!.....Hold on a minute!!....Holy shit!!!!....Where the fuck did those come from? lovely ice maiden bought herself a big-ole pair of fake titties, did she?......Not too sure how I feel about that.....Still.....with those beautiful dark eyes...and that oh-so-spankable ass....I have a feeling that it wont be very long before I've forgiven her......Here we find the hottest Ice you'll ever find at a bowling alley enjoying a game with her friend Jordan.....And you know Ice....She'll do anything to win....Even if that means flashing her huge tits at Jordan to distract him from his game.......As I'm sure you've guessed, Ice wins the game.....But it doesn't all turn out bad for Jordan......Fortunately for him, Ice likes to celebrate her victories with a post-game fuck......Some things never change!
Ice lets Jordan feel one of her boobs
Ice LaFox starts to suck Jordan's cock
Ice LaFox places Jordan's cock between her massive jugs Ice LaFox rides Jordan's dick Ice LaFox gives the camera a sexy look while getting slammed Ice bounces her booty on Jordan's dick Jordan helps Ice spread her booty cheeks A happy Ice LaFox squeezes the hell out of her right titty

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