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Delotta Brown and Stacy Adams In I’ll jiggle Mine If You’ll Jiggle Yours

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008
Delotta Brown and Stacy Adams In I'll jiggle Mine If You'll Jiggle Yours
Delotta Brown's tiny thong highlights her beautiful, big, black booty Delotta squats and arches her back Delotta Brown's bikini displays her lovely cleavage Delotta leans back with one boob hanging out Stacy's big tits wrapped in a bikini
Delotta and Stacy with cum on their faces and tits
Stacy Adams sticks out her butt Stacy Adams sticks her butt out more Wide angle shot of Stacy's huge ass Another big booty wide angle shot...This time Stacy is joined by Delotta Delotta Brown sucking cock
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Delotta Brown and Stacy Adams have so much fucking tits and ass it's insane!!!.....Honest to God!...All these two ebony beauties do for the first 10 minutes of this scene is shake their wonderful booties and play with their tits....and I'd have been perfectly happy if they'd continued until the end of the scene.....But this is porn we're talking you know a dude's gonna show up at some point....And I have to admit, it was a bit of a dissapointment when two dudes arrived.....I find this a little frustrating in porn...It's a little like trying to watch two scenes at once.....Another problem with this one.....Stacey and Delotta barely touch one another.....I was absolutely dying to see those two thick, juicy sets of lips lock...but no!.....No girls kissing!....No girls sucking on each others nipples or eating each other out!....No cum swapping!....Nada!.....That said, we are talking two fine-ass women trust me when I say it wasn't all bad......Delotta's titties get fucked a bit....and Stacey's titties get fucked alot!!!!.......And then, of course, there's all that gorgeous booty jiggling around as the two girls are being banged into middle of next week........And the fact that Stacey is a total cum dodger is completely made up for by Delotta's fearless licking and slurping......On the whole....a pretty good scene.....But girls.....Next time make out with each other, already!
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