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Brazzers Girl Shay Sights: Hurts So Good

Friday, January 30th, 2009
Brazzers Girl Shay Sights: Hurts So Good
Yummy dominatrix, Shay Sights in black latex bra and shorts Busty Shay strips down to her black vinyl shorts Naked Shay bends over and dangles her big boobs Even in housewife mode, Shay can't resist getting her hands on a big loaf Shay strips down to her see through bra and irons a shirt Dominatrix Shay and her crazy friend frighten Johnny and his girlfriend
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Omifuckinggod would you look at pic 1!.....My unquenchable fetish for busty MILFs in vinyl dominatrix gear is no secret!....So I don't mind telling you that when I saw this picture of Shay Sights with her big tits and ass squeezed into that red-hot bra and those tiny shorts, I almost cranked one out without even bothering to watch the clip!....Bravely, though, I held out!....And I'm glad I did!....Shay moving around in her dominatrix gear is even hotter than the motionless Shay in the pic!.....Johnny Sins obviously thought so, too!.....Johnny was dating Shay's daughter!......And one night, when the couple were at Shay's house, he heard strange noises coming from the basement!....When he went down to take a look, there was Shay....all decked out in her hot, BDSM, latex gear!.....Now...much as I love the outfits, I've never really been in to the whole BDSM thing...but I'm pretty sure I'd make an exception for the lovely Shay!....Besides......As big as those tits of hers are, while she was using them to crush Johnny's dick, it didn't seem to be hurting him very much!.....In fact, throughout the whole session, if Johnny was in any pain at all, I certainly didn't notice it!....I'll take being hurt that way any day of the week!
Shay puts on her hot latex dominatrix gear and suck Johnny's cock throug a cage
Shay gets her tits out while giving Johnny a nice blowjob
Johnny fucks Shay while she suffocates him with her huge tits
Shay handcuffs Johnny to a chair and rides his dick Shay gets fucked doggy style while strapped to a table Johnny fucks Shay from behind Shay gets her nipple strung up Johnny fucks Shay over her box of dominatrix tricks Johnny ties his dick under Shay's sexy vinyl bra and gives her a good tittyfucking

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