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Sicily Jewels Is Stacey Fuxxx Is Sicily Jewels

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Sicily Jewels Is Stacey Fuxxx Is Sicily Jewels

Queen Bee and Sicily Jewels tongue kissing
Sicily cups her big natural oily boobs Queen Bee cups her oily boobs Queen Bee shows everybody Sicily's pussy
Two beautiful oily black booties
Sicily gives Queen Bee's butt a squeeze Queen Bee pulls up Sicily's frilly blue panties under her butt cheeks Queen Bee and Sicily prepare to suck some dick
POV shot of Queen Bee and Sicily Jewels sucking cock
Close up shot of Sicily Jewels with a cock in her mouth Sicily's pussy gets pounded by a big dick Queen Bee gets her pussy licked by Sicily
Sicily gets eaten out by Queen Bee
Sicily gets fucked in her fishnet stockings The two girls lay booty to booty while Queen Bee gets fucked Queen Bee and Sicily Jewels with cum all over their beautiful black asses
Note to porn studios everywhere:...Please improve your lighting when you're filming black girls!....You know how alot of these really hot chicks make one or two movies then completely disappear....Well I had assumed that Stacey Fuxxx was one of those hot chicks....And it was a really nice surprise when I was looking through and I found a third Stacey Fuxxx scene.....Or so I thought....I looked at the name of the girl in the pic and here she was going under the name of Sicily Jewels!....No big deal, right?...Pornstars change their names all the time....But a couple of things were bothering me....For one thing, she didn't look exactly the same....her hair was different and her skin looked alot darker...And for another....Stacey has that big tatoo on her stomach...and this Sicily chick's midrif was tatoo free!.....I was perplexed....I was no longer 100 percent sure it was the same girl....But seeing as Sicily was hot...and Queen Bee, the chick she was tag-teaming with was hot, too....I decided to post the gallery, anyway....It was while I was watching Sicily and Queen Bee giving head that I noticed something....Sicily had a Damien tatoo on her left arm.....I knew I'd seen it before so I went back and checked out Stacey again.....And either, Stacey and Sicily have the exact same tatoo on their arm or Stacey and Sicily are the exact same chick....I'm going with the latter....But I'm still only 99.9999999 percent sure....Better lighting please, hot-ebony-chick porn producers!

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Sicily Jewels is Stacey Fuxxx
Sicily Jewels
is Stacey Fuxxx
Stacey Fuxxx is Sicily Jewels
Stacey Fuxxx
is Sicily Jewels

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