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Venus Helps Alana Evans To Make A Sandwich

Monday, July 14th, 2008

If your idea of a good porno movie is watching a faceless dude's dick sandwiched between two pairs of beautiful female lips...then stick around for the next couple of posts....I want to feature three scenes from  ZTODs Blow Me Sandwich 3.  Blow Me Sandwich is one of the best cock sucking series of the past few I'll be returning to it for material every now and again.....I'm starting on number three mainly because of the scene featured here...starring my favorite dirty-talker, Alana Evans...and Venus, whose tits I didn't realize were fake, until I saw some earlier scenes of hers with her much smaller, natural titties.  Alana is truly a beauty...and although I'm not 'as into' Venus...she doesn't allow herself to be over-shadowed by her potty-mouthed partner !....Alana has a big-ole pair of fake titties now, and she looks great...but, like her buddy Kaylynn, this is the way I'll always think of Alana:  with those gorgeous, little, natural lady-lumps she used to have....And....Oh that ass !!!!!  Of the 20 or so Alana movies I've watched, more than half have depicted the lewd lovely in blowjob only scenes...She's one of the best cock suckers I've ever seen....Is this her best?  I'm not sure...she's done some real humdingers....but this is the last great blowjob I saw her give !  I must try and find clips from some of her other really good ones, although, it's kind of hard as most of them are a good few years old now...As I said, this is the last really good one I saw her perform...and this is from 2003 !....As for Alana's 'new additions', I've seen pictures...but I've yet to see her perform a scene....He he he ! : Maybe that should be my next project !.....If I didn't mention Venus much, it's because I'm so in love with Alana....but believe me, in this one, Venus almost matches Alana blow for blow if you'll pardon the pun....And those fake boobies of hers are a true work of art !....The highlights of this scene:  While the girls are waiting for the guy to come, Venus is sucking on her nipple so hard I'm surprised it didn't come off !...and the cum-swapping between Venus and Alana at the end is freakin' awesome !....Unfortunately, none of that's in the clips...but you will get to see some of Alana's and Venus's wonderful blowjob skills ! .......The link to the Alana/Venus clips is  here.....And the link to download the whole movie is  here.

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