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Czech Out Terry’s Titties

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Czech Out Terry's Titties

Terry Nova bends over and dangles her huge, natural boobs
Terry Nova in a grey top and a tight white skirt Terry holds one of her tits Terry Nova measures her huge 36FFs
Busty Terry Nova deep throats Neeo
Terry rubs her oily tits on a sheet of plastic Terry oils Neeo's dick to prepare it for her tits Terry sucks Neeo's cock while smushing her tits against a glass table
Terry Nova tries to suck her big nipple right off the tit
Terry Nova licks her aereola while being fucked POV pic of Terry Nova in missionary Terry gets fucked doggy style
Terry Nova titty fucks Neeo with her tongue in his pee hole
Neeo fucks Terry upsidedown Terry sucks cock and plays with her pussy Neeo cums on Terry's mouth and tits
Watching  Sara Stone  earlier on really put me in the mood for big boobs....So when I saw this gallery of monster-titted Czech, Terry Nova, I just had to put a post together!....Terry's been around for a good few months now...but, sadly, she only has a handful of movies listed at  IAFD....Luckily for us, though, this busty beauty's handfuls are fucking huge!....As you can see in pic 4, Terry's whopping-great, Czech, bouncing boobies measure a staggering 130 inches....In bust-size terms, that roughly translates to "Holy fucking shit I'd like to get my dick between those things!!!!"....or 36FF!....One fortunate fellow who has managed to get his dick between those things is Terry's horny compatriot, Neeo!....Terry wanted to see if those gigantic sweater puppies of hers would stand up to Neeo's boob test....This involved covering them in baby oil, smushing them up against a sheet of plastic while sucking Neeo's dick...and of course, wrapping them around Neeo's dick and giving him a nice titty fuck....Simple yet, brilliant!....And Terry did really well....Although, I really think Neeo should make her take it over a few more times.....I know if I were giving the test, the poor girl would never pass!
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