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Everybody’s Watching Angelika

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
Everybody's Watching Angelika
Angelika Black poses naked on a bed Angelika Black forces a vibrator into her pussy with the heel of her foot
Angelika puts on a fishnet mini dress and invites a peeping tom into her house The stranger feels up Angelika's plump, round booty
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Angelika Black sucks a peeping tom's dick The peeping tom eats Angelika's pussy while she smothers his face with her ass
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Do you ever get that feeling like somebody's watching you?....Well Angelika Black gets that feeling all the time!....Of course, she does have a tendency to spend hours pleasuring herself in front of her bedroom window with the curtains open....So to be fair, in Angelika's case, somebody usually is!....Like the other day for instance!....In many ways, it was just like any other day!...As usual, Angelika was experimenting with one of her many dildos and, all in all, having a wonderful time....But just as she was about to take the whole thing up her ass, she happened to glance across the street and see a strange man looking at her through a telescope!.....As I'm sure you can imagine, Angelika felt rather stupid and not a little embarrassed by this situation!....I mean...there she was wasting her time playing with toys when, all the time, there had been a real cock she could have been enjoying not 200 feet away!....Right away, Angelika rushed to her window and beckoned the stranger over....Then..when he arrived at her door, she asked him if he'd like to come inside for some anal!....The stranger was overcome with joy....and he wondered if there were some way he could show Angelika his gratitude for allowing him to ravage her ass!....But Angelika told him that it had been her pleasure and that his cumming in her face would be thanks enough!....After that day, the stranger moved out of the apartment across the street and Angelika hasn't seen him since!....But on the plus side, you may be interested to know that there is, now, a room available opposite Angelika's house!

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