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I Must Not Draw Pictures Of Your Tits

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

I Must Not Draw Pictures Of Your Tits

Czech beauty, Daria Glower raises her skirt revealing see through panties and black stockings Daria Glower in sexy lingerie Daria's booty Daria's student stares at her tits Daria offers her boobs to her student Daria's student cops a feel of her tits
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Now I know why I haven't seen Daria Glower for a while!.....She's been doing a bit of teaching in her spare time!....Exactly what Daria teaches isn't clear...but I think we can safely assume it isn't religious studies......Whatever she's teaching, Daria has found that making the transition from pornstar to pedagogue isn't easy!.....Her lovely, big, natural breasts are making it virtually impossible for her male students to concentrate.....One of them doesn't pay any attention at all...He just sits and draws pictures of her tits throughout the whole lesson!....The other day, Daria had just had enough....So she made him stay after class and write "I must not draw pictures of your tits" 1000 times....But as soon as she left the classroom for five minutes, the horny bastard was up to his old tricks again.....Oh well!...Boys will be boys!....And sometimes you just have to give them what they want!.....Daria decided that if writing lines couldn't get his mind off her tits...maybe letting him give them a good fucking until he shot his load would!.....We'll have to wait and see what kind of effect this new brand of punishment has....But if it works, I'm sure Daria will have hoards of male students lining up just waiting to be disciplined!
Daria Glower runs her tongue around the tip of her student's cock
Daria takes her student's dick into her mouth
Sexy teacher Daria Glower gets nailed over her desk
Daria Glower gets pounded doggy style Daria Glower goes for a ride on her student's dick Daria Glower gets fucked in reverse cowboy Daria and her student spoon on her desk Daria gets fucked by her student Daria's student fucks her from behind

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