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It’s Just Destinee

Thursday, March 12th, 2009
It's Just Destinee
Destinee plays the keyboard naked
Destinee shows her lovely ass and fantastic cleavage Reno checks out Destinee's ass as she presses her butt cheeks against the studio glass Destinee gives Reno a lap dance
Reno admires Destinee's thong
Reno helps Destinee undress Reno licks Destinee's pussy Destinee rubs her pussy while sucking Reno's dick
Nice close up of black babe, Destinee sucking cock
Destinee gyrates on Reno's dick Destinee takes gets fucked in reverse cowgirl Curvy beauty, Destinee rides Reno
Reno fucks Destinee missionary style on the couch
Destinee's fantastic ass in doggy Reno covers Destinee's ass in jiz Closeup of Destinee's cum covered booty
When you're going to an audition, it's nice to have talent, it's true....But there are an awful lot of talented people out there who just never make it!....What Destinee understands is that if you're going to succeed, you need something extra....Maybe you have a particularly captivating smile or a really winning personality....but you need something that just pushes you over the edge!.....In Destinee's case, it was her nice, juicy, natural tits and her beautiful, round and brown ass that won the producers over!.....When Reno got a look at Destinee's awesome bubble butt pressed up against the studio glass, he instantly knew that he'd found a star in the making!....There was one small problem with the way Destinee was holding her microphone....but he informed her that this could easily be fixed if she spent a little while practicing on his cock!.....He was right!...In all his years as a producer, Reno had never had his cock handled so well....This young woman was gonna make it all the way to the top....It was just Destinee!
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