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Kieran Has Charisma

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Kieran Has Charisma

Sexy Charisma Capelli in a pink, low cut sweater and denim skirt Charisma shows off her tits Charisma tickles her clit with a pen Charisma's father introduces her to Kieran Charisma makes photocopies of her boobs Charisma shows Kieran some dirty pictures
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Mr. Capelli didn't spend nearly enough time with his sweet, young daughter, Charisma......So in an attempt to rectify the situation, he decided to follow in the fine tradition of take your daughter to work day and bring her with him to the office!.....If he'd been paying more attention, he may have noticed that his little girl was not so little any more.....Especially in the chest area...where young Charisma had developed a truly fine pair of tits!.....Despite his brave attempts not person who couldn't help but notice Charisma's big tits was office whiz-kid, Kieran Lee!.......And how could he not when the playful young girl insisted on rubbing them all over the Xerox machine and making photocopies of them for him?.....Her big boobs weren't the only copies Charisma made....and there was no way poor Kieran could ignore the pornographic images the naughty, young vixen left placed on his desk!...The boss's daughter was obviously accustomed to getting her way...and, right now, she wanted her way with Kieran!....Powerless to resist her gigantic ta-tas, Kieran gave Charisma the good fucking she was asking for...Poor Mr. Capelli!...Next week he's taking his daughter to the football game!
Charisma sucks Kieran's cock
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Kieran fucks Charisma on the office table
Kieran fucks Charisma doggy style Charisma gets fucked in her pink leopard skin bra Charisma squeezes her pussy lips around Kieran's dick Charisma gets nailed by Kieran Charisma gets fucked with on leg on Kieran's shoulder Charisma gets a faceful of jiz

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