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Blame Juicy Pearl!

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009
Blame Juicy Pearl!
Hot mamma Juicy Pearl in a pink low cut top and short cut off jeans Juicy Pearl cups her big boobs for us Juicy Pearl flashes a little trim Juicy Pearl in a sideways naked pose JUicy welcomes the cable guy into her home Juicy tries to get the cable guy's attention
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I took one look at a thumbnail pic of French Canadian hottie, Juicy Pearl and knew instantly that I was going to be hooked on this girl's movies for a long time to come.....But such mouth-watering beauty comes at a price....And after watching this scene from Baby Got Boobs for a little while, it became obvious that Juicy was going to be trouble!......The problem is...young Juicy has a bit of a thing for cable guys.....and she spends so much time first seducing...then fucking them....that her television never actually gets fixed......This just isn't fair on the rest of us....Now we know just why it's so difficult to make a reasonable appointment with the cable company......They have to finish fucking Juicy first!.....Having said that, I can't really see how you can blame the cable company for this....If I had a choice of being 30 feet in the air fiddling about with wires or hammering away at Juicy's coochie, I'm pretty sure which one I'd choose.....So the next time you have a problem with your cable and your told you'll have to stay home between the hours of 9am and 5pm, don't blame the cable guy....Blame Juicy Pearl!
Juicy gives the cable guy a faceful of titty
Juicy removes her green bikini
Juicy gives the cable guy a BJ
POV shot of Juicy Pearl sucking cock Juicy Pearl gets fucked in missionary across the couch Cable guy cups Juicy's tits while fucking her Juicy Pearl gets fucked doggy style Juicy Pearl in reverse cowboy The cable guy nuts in Juicy Pearl's face

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