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We Really Should Check Out Mariah Madysinn

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
We Really Should Check Out Mariah Madysinn
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Enter Reality Kings
Most huge corporations are wonderful, benevolent entities who have only our best interests at heart....We all know that!....Sadly, shocking as it may seem....some of the heads of these companies have no interest whatsoever in "the country".....and care only about lining their own pockets!....Like buxom CEO, Mariah Madysinn, for instance!...MyBustyCams cannot say which company Mariah runs for risk of being sued...But ever since she took charge of this well-known corporate giant, shady accounting practices have resulted in a loss to shareholders of millions of dollars....So far, it has been impossible to prove any wrong-doing!....Every auditor who goes over Mariah's books returns with an ecstatic smile on his face and swears her records are fine!....I don't know what kind of bribe she's offering them...but it seems obvious to me that these auditors have all been stroked by Mariah in some way!.....Thankfully, though, Mariah's days of cooking the books will soon be over....For the country's top auditor, Voodoo the incorruptible, is on his way over to this extremely well-known company's head-office, as we speak!....Voodoo will insist that Mariah shows him absolutely everything so as he can thoroughly check her out and get to the bottom of whatever it is she's been doing!.....And you can rest assured that if Mariah does offer him some kind of backdoor deal, Voodoo will definitely stand firm!.....Take that, Mariah!...When Voodoo gets there, you're gonna get it....and get it good!....I just wish I could be there to see the look on your face when he comes!

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