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The Big, Beautiful Tits Like Bridgette B.’s Exemption

Monday, January 11th, 2010
The Big, Beautiful Tits Like Bridgette B.'s Exemption
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Bridgette B. in a cleavage revealing, blue shirt and a white skirt Bridgette B. in a white bra, a white thong, and white stockings Bridgette B. folds one arm under her huge boobs Bridgette B. pulls her thong to one side and shows her pussy
Bridgette argues with IRS auditor, Voodoo Bridgette has a way to convince the auditor to see her side Bridgette smothers Voodoo with her enormous tits Voodoo finally gets his hands on Bridgette's big tits
Bridgette decides what to do with Voodoo's dick Bridgette decides on sucking Voodoo's dick POV shot of Bridgette B. running her teeth along the tip of Voodoo's dick POV shot of Bridgette B. getting titty fucked
Bridgette lays back on her desk while Voodoo nails her Bridgette rides Voodoo in reverse cowgirl Bridgette bounces her amazing booty on Voodoo's cock Voodoo fucks Bridgette, doggy style
Voodoo plasters Bridgette's face in jiz
Let's be honest...we all hate taxes...And we're all constantly on the look-out for new ways to avoid paying them!....Most of these methods will result in, either, a huge fine.....or jail time....But there are one or two things you can do to side-step the IRS.....such as becoming a multi-billionaire, starting your own church....or having really, big, beautiful tits!......Today, we'll be taking a look at the last of these three options with a little help from our good friend, Bridgette B.!.....Bridgette has found that as the size of her breasts has increased, the amount of taxes she's had to pay has decreased......This is excellent Bridgette's tits are, now, so huge that she doesn't have to pay any taxes at all!.....Several auditers have attempted to look over her books...only to find themselves, helplessly, looking over her boobs!......The sight of those super-size jugs, alone, would probably be enough to ensure that most IRS auditors leave her office with nothing but a raging hard-on....But Bridgette likes to go that extra mile and fuck their brains out, just to make sure!.....It should be noted, here, that Bridgette's seducing of the auditor to avoid paying taxes isn't 100% legal.......But she assures us all not to worry as really big, beautiful tits work just as well on cops as they do on auditors!

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Unruly Boobies

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010
Unruly Boobies
Busty babe, Bridgette B. plays with her pearl necklace Bridgette B. busting out of a red bra Bridgette B. unleashes her huge boobs Bridgette B. pulls her thong down around her thighs and sticks her booty out
Bridgette B. opens up her legs and rubs her pussy
Bridgette mopes about having to work on New Year's Eve Bridgette B. toasts the new year with Johnny Sins Johnny snacks on Bridgette's titties Bridgette sucks Johnny's cock
Bridgette titty fucks Johnny
Johnny eats Bridgette's pussy Bridgette gets fucked by Johnny while sucking on his finger Bridgette presses her big tits together while getting fucked in reverse cowboy Bridgette B. gets fucked, doggy style
Johnny plasters Bridgette's huge boobies with jiz
It's been a year since Bridgette B last appeared on these pages....And in that time, she's made a couple of really big changes in her life....Yet despite the fact that she's now, almost, as tall lying down as she is standing up, Bridgette's splendiferous, new boobies were still not enough to get her out of having to work, on New Year's Eve!......With midnight approaching, poor Bridgette was absolutely desperate to watch some balls dropping....So, naturally, she turned to her co-worker, Johnny Sins, who was more than happy to oblige her!.....As I watched Bridgette's tits bounce up and down as Johnny fucked her into 2010, I couldn't help but reminisce about how, just a few months ago, if those babies had have hit him in the face, he would have, probably, escaped the ordeal with some mild bruising....Now, of course, a careless clout from Bridgette's unruly bazoomas would probably result in a concussion!......You have to hand it to Johnny, though....he just kept pounding away at that pussy of hers with no concern, whatsoever, for his own safety....And thanks to Johnny's determination, even though she was at work on New Years Eve, Bridgette got to continue her time-honored tradition of starting out the year with a rack full of jiz.

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Mofos Presents: Boogie On Down With Bridgett

Monday, January 12th, 2009
Mofos Presents: Boogie On Down With Bridgett

Bridgett's sexy salsa outfit consists of a black jewel tassled bra and a tiny red mini skirt Naked Bridgett B squats and folds her arms under her natural tits Bridgette B presses her boobs up against a mirror...Yummy!...Two Bridgetts Bridgett B arrives at her studio Scott can't keep his eyes off of Bridgett's ass as she does her sexy stretches
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Bridgett and Scott sit on the floor with their legs open and stretch to limber up Sexy blond, Bridgett allows Scott to lick her nipple A POV shot of Bridgett with Scott's dick in her mouth Bridgett sucks Scott's cock next to the mirror Bridgett rests one foot on a chair while Scott pounds her pussy
Bridgett holds on to the barre while Scott fucks her hard Bridgett and Scott fuck on the floor Lovely shot of Bridgett's ass as she rides Scott's dick Bridgett uses two fingers to open her pussy lips wide to make things easier for Scott's dick Bridgett's booty looks fantastic as Scott spoons her on the floor
Hmmmm!!!!...Blond?..Booty?...Beaver, maybe?.....What the fuck does the B stand for in Bridgette B?...It's driving me fucking nuts!...Also driving me fucking nuts are Bridgette's cute smile, her pleasant demeanor..and her lovely, natural, big boobs!...Not to mention Bridgette's beautiful, bubblicious butt!....But enough of this banal banter!...Let's talk about the Barcelonan babe's blowjob skills in this scene from!....Bridgette stars as a dance instructor who has to teach Mr. Two-left-feet himself, Scott Nails how to dance in time for his upcomming wedding!.....Nobody has ever left Bridgette's studio without being able to dance but Nails is proving to be a special case!....The problem is with Bridgette's booty!...Earlier..while she was demonstrating a few moves, Nails got so excited watching that delectable thing shaking that now he's having trouble concentrating on his two step!.........It's obvious that there's only one way that the lovely Spanish Doll will be able to calm Nails down!....She'll have to clamp those big, beautiful lips around his swollen dick and suck him off like he's never been sucked off before!.....After that, Bridgette will have to climb up on that dick and do some reall booty shaking!....And when Nails just can't take the pleasure anymore...that's when it's time for Bridgette to climb back down and let him blow his wad all over her!.....Yup!...That should get him ready for his wedding!

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