List of blog posts starring Angelina Valentine

List of blog posts starring Angelina Valentine
Angelina Valentine post 13
Criss is trying to convince Angelina that he's found a terrific new way she can clean her teeth......Yeah....Nice try, Criss...but I don't think she's buying it!
Angelina Valentine post 12
In this post, I asked the question..."who's the hottest....Angelina or Angelina?"......It was a tough decision...But in the end, I had to give it to Angelina.
Angelina Valentine post 11
Angelina has accumulated many sex toys over the years.....but none of them give her as much pleasure as her jiz dispenser.
Angelina Valentine post 10
Angelina and Carmella simply cannot afford to loose this game of dodgeball to the guys....If they do, they'll have to show them their tits!.....So Angelina has come up with a plan to distract them by showing them their.....Wait a minute!
Angelina Valentine post 9
Angelina's boss has left the office for a couple of hours....So while the boss is away, Angelina has given her colleague, TJ, a couple of her own projects to work on
Angelina Valentine post 8
Angelina has always had a crush on her teacher, Mr. Sins.....So when she walked in the room to find him licking Miss Scott's pussy, she was devastated....But Mr. Sins and Miss Scott have had lots of experience dealing with young girls...and now they're about to teach Angelina the value of sharing
Angelina Valentine post 7
Angelina loves her car almost as much as she loves her pussy....So whenever she needs a mechanic, she's very careful to check out their tools before she picks one
Angelina Valentine post 6
Angelina and Roxy have broken the law...and now they must be punished....But don't worry if you think Officer Ash is being too hard on them....If there's one thing these girls know how to deal with, it's a hard on!
Angelina Valentine post 5
Angelina and her pals, Carmella and Nikki, have just dug up some files on their medieval ancestors....Thus proving once and for all that their insatiable craving for big cock is genetic
Angelina Valentine post 4
Angelina and Carmella are spending the night at Sienna's house....They've decided that they're going to go one full night without cock!.....A full night, huh!.....Yeah right, girls!....We'll see!
Angelina Valentine post 3
Yurizan usually works solo...but today is Valentine's day so she's making an exception and celebrating with a little Valentine's pussy
Angelina Valentine post 2
When she's feeling particularly horny, Angelina has found that fencing classes are a very helpful way of working out her frustrations....Or to be more specific....fucking her fencing instructor during classes is a very helpful way of working out her frustrations
Angelina Valentine post 1
Dr. Valentine has been conducting a study....And if she wants to prove her theory, she'll have to find a way to raise her test subject's blood pressure.....I think we can all figure out where this one's heading!

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