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Did I Mention How Much I Liked Britney’s Swimsuit?

Sunday, July 26th, 2009
Did I Mention How Much I Liked Britney's Swimsuit?
Sultry sex kitten, Britney Stevens on the prowl
Britney Stevens in a vynil coated one piece swimsuit...Yum!!! Britney poses with her boobs out Britney rests her big ole booty on her high heels
Britney crawls along the side of the pool
Britney's big natural boobies looking quite splendid A big wet ass shot from Britney Stevens Perhaps the best of Britney's many assets is her huge ass
Britney gets her tight ass reamed
Britney enjoys a little doggy style booty banging Britney Stevens takes a big cock up her ass Anal reverse cowboy queen, Britney Stevens
Britney stuffs her cheek with cock
Britney just loves nuts Britney Stevens gets a well earned face full of jiz A farewell photo from cum covered babe, Britney Stevens
Oh for the love of God!....OK!...So I knew Britney Stevens was fucking hot!....But I didn't realize just how hot till I saw her wearing that vynil, one-piece bathing suit thing!....When I first looked at pic number 2, I thought to myself..."Is there any way I could possibly want Britney more?"......Well....It was difficult...But I managed to come up with four things she could do so here goes:   My first idea was that maybe Britney could kneel down on a couch while somebody pushed a big green dildo up her asshole....That would probably work as long as she was still wearing that swimsuit at the time!.....Another thing I came up with was if Britney were to lay down on the couch and let some guy fuck her titties while she sucked his cock at the same time!....That'd be cool!...Especially if she still had that swimsuit on!....My third idea was a little bit dirty but what the hell!...It's my fantasy!...So I imagined how nice it would be to watch Britney getting her butt fucked!....Of course..I've watched Britney get her butt fucked many times before....So she'd have to do something a little that swimsuit!......Finally, I just let my imagination run wild and thought about how awesome Britney would look leaning over the back of the couch with her ass in the air while she took a doggy style anal pounding!......That'd be awesome!....In fact, if she just pulled the thong strap to the side she could keep the swimsuit on!....Still...who am I kidding?...There's probably no way we could get Britney to do any of those things!.....Not wearing the swimsuit, anyway!....Did I mention how good she looks in that thing?

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Give Those Asses Some Love

Thursday, March 26th, 2009
Give Those Asses Some Love
Britney Stevens and Kelly Divine loose their panties and show their asses Kelly showers the soap suds from Britney's big wet butt Britney sprays down Kelly's pussy in the bathtub Britney Stevens in a pink bikini with little white lovehearts Britney in the shower Kelly Divine pulls her bikini bottoms down over her ass
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Britney and Kelly were really pissed off with their servant, Johnny.....They were making him massage baby oil into their booties......But somehow, his heart just wasn't in it!.....Kelly, especially, got extremely angry....She'd been looking forward to this booty massage all day....and she warned Johnny that if he didn't start giving those big, fleshy cheeks the worship they deserved...she'd set her husband on him!.....Johnny knew all too well that Kelly wasn't one to make idle threats....and if he wanted to avoid getting his ass kicked, he'd better do a damn good job on hers!....That's when Johnny finally rose to the occasion and really began to give those two big booties some real love....In the end, not only was he putting his heart into those asses....he was slamming his dick into them, as well!
Kelly squats down at the side of the bath
Britney watches as Johnny Sins checks out Kelly's ass
Kelly spreads Britney's butt cheeks as Johnny sticks one finger in her ass
Britney and Kelly both suck Johnny's dick Britney squeezes Johnny's balls as he fucks Kelly Johnny fucks Kelly's buttcheeks while Johnny fucks her asshole Kelly licks Johnny's cock as it slides in and out of Britney's ass The two girls, Britney and Kelly make out while Johnny enjoys some anal Britney licks Kelly's pussy while she has her ass fucked by Johnny

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Extreme Britney Rules

Sunday, February 8th, 2009
Extreme Britney Rules
Britney in her plaid bikini 1 Busty Britney Stevens by the swimming pool in a plaid bikini 2 Britney gets her tits out Britney's big booty in a plaid thong Britney by the pool Britney spots the cock

The international  Can She Take It  Extreme Slip 'n' Slide tournament was won by 23 year old Britney Stevens yesterday.   For those not familiar with the sport, the athlete must hurl herself along a slip 'n' slide towards an erect cock.   The closer the cock lands to the player's mouth, the more points she accumulates.   Stevens wowed the judges when she successfully managed to slide the cock directly into her mouth!   When asked how she achieved such accuracy, Stevens revealed that she practiced on at least ten and sometimes as many as fifteen cocks a day!   We expressed surprise at the sheer volume of cocks she'd been sucked to get ready for the big game but Stevens simply replied that she was prepared to suck as many cocks as it took to win the match and that she didn't mind because she really enjoyed sucking cock, anyway!   Stevens' months of training certainly paid off!   Danny Mountain, who is both the commentator and owner of the cock Stevens had to suck to win the tournament, said that he'd never such an eager contender!   Young Britney's dedication earned her $20,000 and the much coveted Danny Mountain style ass one question remains.....was it worth it?   "You betcha!" says Britney!

Britney moves towards the cock
Britney sucks the cock
Britney's mascara gets smeared as she gives head
Britney gets her ass fucked Anal Britney POV style Britney gets her ass fucked in the spoon Britney does anal in cowgirl Britney doggy style Britney with jiz on her chin and tits

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Brazzers Girl: Britney’s Booty

Sunday, December 28th, 2008
Brazzers Girl Britney Stevens: Britney's Booty
Britney Stevens in red studded bra and tight light blue shorts Britney Stevens and her lovely but in hot pants Britney Stevens peels her red studded thong panties over her butt cheeks Naked Britney raises her legs in the air and shows her pussy Lucky guy gets to spread Britneys butt cheeks
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Britney licks the guys balls Britny licks the tip of the guy's dick Britney Stevens sucks cock Guy pushes Britney's head down for the deep throat Britney gets nailed doggy style
Britney gets fucked from behind Britney gets fucked in cowgirl Britney gets fucked in reverse cowboy Britney's ass looks perfect here as she lays face down and gets fucked Brittany gets a  rack full of jiz
As I was saying a few days ago, I really wanted to check out some more of Britney Stevens!....I finally got around to it, the other night...and I'm glad I did!....She's a couple of years older than her sister, Whitney but they both started doing porn at about the same time and she's made a few more movies......I don't know why Whitney keeps popping up in the movies I watch and Britney hardly ever does!.....I'll just have to start looking for her in the credits...Or better still...start downloading more of her scenes!.....This one's from the Brazzers Network's  and I was just a little surprised at how nice Britney's ass is!.....I must apologize for the fact that clip one ends just as she's about to stick her finger in there!.....Just as an aside, besides this one, you should also check out Britney's scenes in  Fuck My Tits 3 and Rodney Moore's  We Swallow 17  where Britney is joined by the wonderful  Kaylee Lovecoxxx  (aka Kaylee Sanchez) for an awesome blowjob scene!.....Other than those, I can't really think of any Britney scenes I've seen!.....I know I've seen more but I don't seem to have them on my hard drive or in my DVD collection!....Oh well!....Enjoy your free clips!

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