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Tits And Basketball

Saturday, December 4th, 2010
Tits And Basketball
Gianna Michaels Stars in Titty Sweat
Gianna Michaels and Lexington Steele train at the basketball courts presents Titty Sweat Scene 6!....The beautiful story of a young basketball hopeful (played by Gianna Michaels) and her coach (played by Lexington Steele)!....Gianna and Lex have two very different dreams!.....Gianna's dream is that she might, one day, play in the WNBA!.....Lex's dream is to fuck Gianna's amazing titties until he plasters them with jiz!....Obviously, I'm not going to tell you what happens because I don't want to spoil it for you!....All I'll say is that Gianna and Lex both work hard to get what they want but only one of them will be successful!.....Which one of these two will actualize his dream and which one's amazing titties will be plastered in jiz?....There's only one way to find out....Watch Titty Sweat Scene 6!
Gianna Michaels sucks Lexington Steele's dick and rubs it all over hit titties
Gianna Michaels gets fucked in reverse cowgirl by Lex Steele
Lex cums all over Gianna's tits

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Michaels ‘n’ Oil

Friday, December 4th, 2009
Michaels 'n' Oil
Standing booty shot of Gianna Michaels A leggy looking Gianna sits on the ground and leans against a wall Gianna Michaels poses in a one-piece swimsuit A kneeling booty shot of Gianna
Gianna pulls off her panties and spreads her pussy lips Gianna Michaels attacks Rico Strong's dick with her tongue Nice shot of Gianna's fantastic ass as she rides Rico Rico fucks Gianna in reverse cowboy
Gianna gets fucked on an orange vinyl couch Rico fucks Gianna doggy style Rico nuts into Gianna's mout and down her tits Gianna spits jiz down her awesome natural boobs
Over the years, we've been lucky to be blessed with many delightful film-duos.....But whether it be Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire or Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy...they have, so far, have paled in comparison to what is, by far, the greatest on-screen combination of them all....Gianna Michaels and baby oil!.....Gianna has performed with baby oil on numerous occasions now....And even though the plot is always formulaic and I know, pretty much, right from the start what's going to happen....the sight of baby oil running all over Gianna's body still gives me a thrill, to this day!....These clips are taken from  Black Ice Pass's 2009 classic,  Massive Wet White Asses...and as you'd expect, it's the same old story....A man (this time played by Rico Strong) sees how radiant Gianna looks with baby oil clinging to her breasts and tries, desperately, to come between them....But no matter how much Rico gets in Gianna's face, we all know that, in the end, these two magnificent, on-screen presences will be held together...And that we, the viewers, will be left with a deep feeling of satisfaction....I, for one, cannot wait until Gianna works with baby oil, again!

Gianna Michaels free video clips and photos come courtesy of  Black Ice Pass
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Gianna Michaels's Hot Movies

Cumming In For A Landing

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Cumming In For A Landing

Gianna Michaels pulls her pink thong to one side and shows her hairy bush
Number 01 pornstar, Gianna Michaels Gianna pulls her pink panties up between her pussy lips Gianna leans over the bar and sticks out her butt
Gianna pulls her panties to one side and shows off her bare ass
Gianna Michaels in a pink bra and panties showing off her pussy Gianna pinches one of her nipples while staring down at her pussy Gianna sits naked on the bar with her legs open wide
Voodoo checks out Gianna's pussy
Voodoo buries his tongue in Gianna's pussy lips Nasty Gianna hocks one down Voodoo's cock Gianna deep throats Voodoo
Gianna Michaels spoons with Voodoo
Voodoo fucks Gianna in reverse cowboy Voodoo jizzes on Gianna's pubic hair Gianna plays with the cum running down her pussy
I'm not going to post a hairy pussy/shaved pussy, compare and contrast link for Gianna Michaels the way I did with Violet Adamson....I think we're all way too farmiliar with Gianna's pussy for such a pointless excercise!.....But ubiquitous as she may be, I'm far too big a fan of this girl to let one of her galleries pass me by without putting it in my blog......I must admit, a hairy pussy isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I start mentaly deconstructing Gianna's wonderfully copious body parts...It's that ass of hers that always gets my mojo up!....But the fact that she's in a scene from  Hot Bush  persuaded me to take a long hard look at Gianna's cookie and that thing looks good enough to eat!....Oh yeah!...It's possible you didn't notice them but Gianna has a pretty nice pair of tits, too!...Now that I've enlightened you about that, I'm gonna go off and look for some more porn while leaving Gianna in the capable hands of Voodoo....He's had it up to here with cumming all over Gianna's tits so he's going to ask if she'll let him nut on her landing strip instead...I think this just might be Voodoo's lucky day!


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Lexi Love in Sample My Pie
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I Wanna Be Like Manuel

Thursday, February 26th, 2009
I Wanna Be Like Manuel
Gianna and Sierra smother Manuel's face between their lovely tits
Gianna dangles her boobies Sierra dangles her big natural tits Sierra and Gianna play with each other's knockers
Sierra and Gianna lick up and down the sides of Manuel's cock
Gianna sucks Manuel's dick while Sierra licks the shaft Gianna stares sexily into the camera while Sierra blows Manuel Sierra gives Manuel a hand to titty fuck Gianna
Manuel gets his dick sandwiched between two lovely sets of Natural jugs
Gianna squeezes Sierra's boobs around Manuel's dick Manuel sucks on Gianna's tits and fucks Sierra Manuel sucks Sierra's nipples while  taking care of Gianna's pussy with his dick
The two girls tongue kiss while Gianna's pussy takes a pounding
Gianna watches as Sierra licks her own nipple and gets fucked by Manuel Manuel sprays cum all over Gianna's and Sierra's tits Sierra licks the spooge from Gianna's right titty
I'm at a bit of a loss about what to do, right now!....When you take viagra....and you have an erection that lasts more than four hours, they advise you to call a doctor.....but they don't say anything about Gianna Michaels and Sierra Skye!....Earlier, I watched Sierra titty fucking Gianna's arm and sucking on her finger like it was a cock....and ever since then, my fucking dick just won't go down! hasn't been four hours yet but if it does last that long, I'm not sure whether I should consult my physician or not!...I'm starting to get a little worried!....Why can't I be like Manuel Ferrara?...He doesn't seem to get worried no matter how hard his dick gets....and if a coulple of minutes of watching these two on a 22 inch screen can destroy my dick....Just imagine what having his face squished between all that wonderful tit flesh must have done to him!....Of course, Manuel does have one huge advantage over me!...He gets to have those lovely knockers wrapped around his cock!....And shooting your load over those big, beautiful boobs must go a long way towards relieving the pressure!...But for those of us who aren't pornstars, I still think that Gianna and Sierra should come with a warning label!
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