List of blog posts starring Jayden James

List of blog posts starring Jayden James
Jayden James post 33
Jayden's music is so damn catchy!....I tell you, whenever I watch her really rock hard, I can't help getting really rock hard, myself!
Jayden James post 32
Just how high Jayden and Madison rise in the fashion world depends on how much skin they're prepared to show.....So look out for them both on the cover of Vogue, next week
Jayden James post 31
1975:     The year when Kubric's Barry Lyndon was given the 48th academy award for best picture;  The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Minnesota Vikings to win superbowl IX;  And futuristic adult film actress, Jayden James arrived from 2010 to find out how big the male pornstars' cocks were .
Jayden James post 30
Jayden and Capri are really excited because Mr. Sins has promised to raise their G.P.A.s....And all they have to do is raise his B.I.G D.I.C.K
Jayden James post 29
Keiran has just got back from the office to find his wife, Jayden, in bed with kinky swingers Avy Scott and Scott Nails!....But I think, with Avy's help, she'll be able to convince him that a divorce would be a really bad idea.
Jayden James post 28
Mikey's been a really good patient so Dr. James wants to give him a treat....Luckily for Mikey, she's all out of lollipops.
Jayden James post 27
Jayden and Audrey will do anything for a big cock...Even if it means leaving the planet!
Jayden James post 26
Jayden and Rachel can make anything fun....Even suffocating!
Jayden James post 25
Jayden is in a good mood today because her friend, Sophia has agreed to let her lick her pussy.....It's putting me in a pretty good mood, too!
Jayden James post 24
It's topless tuesday at Jayden's work which, as usual, means she'll have to fuck her boss
Jayden James post 23
Jayden and Charles are on detention and the teacher has just been called away....Charles has just told Jayden that her tits aren't all that great....She's about to prove him wrong
Jayden James post 22
Jayden James is about to fuck Memphis Monroe's husband!.....But Memphis is perfectly OK with it!....After all...She'll be fucking Jayden's hubby, too!
Jayden James post 21
After the AVN awards, Charles Dera receives the best prize he could possibly hope for.....Jayden's pussy!
Jayden James post 20
Jayden returns for another round with Manuel Ferrara....Seems like he just can't resist those lovely tits of hers
Jayden James post 19
Jayden was supposed to help Manuel choose a Valentine's gift for his girlfriend....but when he saw Jayden's ass, he forgot all about his girlfriend's gift!.....Hell!...I think he forgot her name
Jayden James post 18
Jayden and Johnny go to see Dr. Marie about their marriage problems!.....She recommends a three-way with who else but Dr. Marie, herself
Jayden James post 17
In this episode of Can She Take It, Jayden and Robyn compete to see who can make her boyfriend shoot his load first!
Jayden James post 16
Pistol packin' MOFO, Jayden James fires off a few shots before getting fucked by two guys
Jayden James post 15
Jayden and Krissy are the two best divers on the Brazzers diving team!....They're also the best tag-teamers as their coach, Mr. Pete found out!
Jayden James post 14
Jayden's feet keep giving her orgasms so she goes to see Dr. Lee!.....There's no way Dr. Lee's letting this opportunity go by!
Jayden James post 13
When Jayden tells her good friend Jenaveve that she and her husband are leaving town, Jenaveve asks if she can fuck Jayden's husband as a way of saying goodbye....Jayden agrees...but only if she can fuck Jenaveve's husband, too
Jayden James post 12
When Jayden James catches her next door neigbour jerking off over her in the bushes one day, she rubs her ass in his face and fucks him to teach him a lesson
Jayden James post 11
This is just basically me ranting and raving about how hot Jayden James is.....but the Penthouse gallery's nice...and there's some video footage of Jayden showing off her amazing tits and ass
Jayden James post 9
Crack reporter, Jayden James has to do an interview at a nudist colony...but they insist she does the interview naked....Somehow, I don't think this will be a problem for Jayden
Jayden James post 10
Jayden James fucking sucks at football but she really wants to make the team...Luckily, Jayden has other talents
Jayden James post 8
Dr. Jayden's patient insists that he can't get out of his wheelchair....Until she shows him her lovely tits
Jayden James post 7
Jayden James knows damn well she can't sing....So when she auditions for Brazzers Idol she shows the judges, August and Ben English, what she can do
Jayden James post 6
Jayden does battle with Eva Angelina until the two girls realize that making out is much more fun than fighting
Jayden James post 5
Just to prove a point...another Jayden James scene from
Jayden James post 4
Jayden does a scene for Brazzers' think we can safely say she chose the right Brazzers site
Jayden James post 3
Jayden James teaches her nerdy high school friend, Nikki Benz how to be a slut....You may be surprised to hear that Nikki picks it up quite quickly
Jayden James post 2
Cheerleaders, Jayden James and Brandy Talore kidnap the opposing football team's school mascot and...ummm!!!!..."torture" him
Jayden James post 1
It's hard to believe that Jayden's husband pays no attention to her....but as soon as he goes to off to work, she finds a guy who can give her the good fucking she needs so badly

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