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Tiffany Mynx: Impaled

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Tiffany Mynx: Impaled

Tiffany Tiffany Mynx points her pierced nipples Tiffany takes one titty out of her vinyl teddy and licks the areola Tiffany Minx shows off her big tits Tiffany Mynx shows us all what a nice butthole she has

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Tiffany Mynx licks the base of Lexington Steele's cock Tiffany works Lex's dick with her tongue Tiffany attempts a deepthroat on Lex Lex gropes Tiffany while she gives him a handjob Tiffany Mynx gets fucked in her black latex rimmed fishnet stockings and high heels
Tiffany sucks off Lex POV style Lex and Tiffany get down to the business of anal Lex fucks Tiffany's asshole with his big black dick Tiffany Mynx gets her ass fucked in reverse cowboy Tiffany Mynx spreads her legs wide while getting fucked up the ass
I didn't seriously get into watching porn until the late 90s....But before then, I'd watch it occasionally......I guess there could be a couple more...but I can only really remember two girls from those occasional, pre 1999 viewings who are still around today....One is Rachel Love...and the other is Tiffany Mynx!.....Rachel very definitely had the huge natural boobs thing going for her....but, back then, only a handful of white girls had truly fantastic asses....So it's worth remembering that before Alexis and Brianna and Jenny...there was Tiffany!....These pics and clips are from last year's Lex The Impaler 4...and although Tiffany looks su-fucking-perb in her little latex teddy and fishnet stockings...there really isn't a good booty photo....Rest assured, though....Clip one will show you that Tiffany's ass looks every bit as fantastic as ever!....I haven't watched this full scene yet...but I have watched alot of Tiffany's more recent work....and it's worth mentioning that she pretty much always seems to turn out the best scene of the movie no matter who else is starring!....This chick is awesome....I just wish I had more galleries!

Tiffany Mynx clip 1                      Lucky old Lex gets his dick sucked, Tiffany style
Tiffany Mynx clip 2                      Tiffany sucks Lex's cock s'more before positioning her asshole
Tiffany Mynx clip 3                      Lex bangs Tiffany's ass across the arm of the couch
Tiffany Mynx clip 4                      Tiffany gets her ass fucked in reverse cowboy
Tiffany Mynx clip 5                      Tiffany gets a mouthful of Lex's nut


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Tiffany Mynx, Superstar !

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

Tiffany Mynx_pic_1 Tiffany Mynx_pic_2 Tiffany Mynx_pic_3 Tiffany Mynx_pic_4 Tiffany Mynx_pic_5
Tiffany Mynx_pic_16

Tiffany Mynx_pic_6 Tiffany Mynx_pic_7 Tiffany Mynx_pic_8 Tiffany Mynx_pic_9 Tiffany Mynx_pic_10
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Quite simply one of my favorite porn movies ever....Ass Worship 5 is a classic !....It was 2003 when it was realeased...Beautiful, Asian sex-kitten, Mika Tan was in it ! Lauren Phoenix was quite new at the time and I was s-o-o-o into her ! (Not that Lauren got any less gorgeous..but my fellow porn-addicts know all too well how fickle we are..)....Also relitavely new at the time...Olivia O'lovely...who remains a porn staple of mine to this day !....Add a couple of my favorite veterans: Kaylynn and April Flowers...and this had the makings of a porno that could provide me with jerk-off fodder for years on end !....I wasn't dissapointed....but I was surprised !...Also in the cast...a long time veteran....One who I hadn't watched for years and although I've always liked her, I wasn't really expecting her to measure up to the other girls !....Boy was I wrong !....Tiffany Mynx blew everybody off the fucking screen !....As I said, I've always liked Tiffany...but in my head I guess I must have thought she'd look really old or something !....But from the first moment when she opens up a closet door to an imprisoned Jules Jordan...wearing a string dress and a pink thong and holding a dog leash....and says to Jules, "Get out !...It's time for you to worship my ass!".....Tiffany had my full attention !....And when she placed the leash on Jules...and walked him into the kitchen...her gorgeous, gigantic ass swishing from side to side as she moved... I swear to fucking God...I could not take my eyes off of her for the next 35 minutes !....WOW !....I have watched this scene so many times now and just thinking about it is making me want to watch it again right now !........OK !...just a couple more points...1: Although I've been raving about Tiffany, don't let that make you think the rest of the movie's no good....It is !......I'd definately give it an A....but Tiffany's scene scores an A+ !....and 2: If you plan to watch this scene for the first time, look out for what has to be one of the all-time-top-ten cumshots !....I'm glad I saw Tiffany in this scene because since then....I've watched her in so many movies...and 9 times out of 10...she's easily the best performer !......Without a doubt...Tiffany Mynx is one of porn's all time greats !

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