List of blog posts starring Alexis Texas

List of blog posts starring Alexis Texas
Alexis Texas post 24
Nobody ever tries to come between Alexis and Rachel because they're such good friends that it would be impossible....Trying to come over them, however, is a different matter.
Alexis Texas post 23
I used to think there was no way to improve on Alexis's ass.....Then I saw that silver butt plug....I stand corrected!
Alexis Texas post 22
Alexis, really, wants to stay home, tonight....but her friend, Audrey, feels like eating out.....Well wha'd'ya know?.....You really can please everbody!
Alexis Texas post 21
If, like me, you think Alexis is terrific in porn, you may wish to check out a couple of her martial arts movies.....I recommend watching The Big Ass first...and then Enter The Pussy!
Alexis Texas post 20
In the porno world, Alexis is notorious for her funny stories.....My favorite is the one she tells about the time Tory Lane's tongue got stuck to her ass
Alexis Texas post 19
This guy actually stopped breathing quite some time ago!....A few people have tried to help but he just won't let them!
Alexis Texas post 18
Femme fatale, Alexis says she's in big trouble and in need of a private dick.....But if that's really true, why is she working so hard to get PI Nails to expose his dick?
Alexis Texas post 17
Alexis is cooking a nice meal for her friend, Charles.....I don't know about Charles but I feel like a nice, well-done rump, right now
Alexis Texas post 16
Fun and games and plenty of hot pussy play from sexy coed, Alexis
Alexis Texas post 15
Because Alexis has chosen to use her big ass for evil....A judge decides that she's a threat to mankind and sentences her to death!......Before sending her to the chair, he offers her one last request....which is very good news for the bailiff
Alexis Texas post 14
In her seemingly impossible quest to find a booty as nice as hers, Alexis invites Sara Vandella over for a game of pool.....I'd say that Sara's close but no cigar....What do you think?
Alexis Texas post 13
How do you improve on Alexis and Brianna?.....Why not try adding another awesome booty?.....Richelle Ryan will do just fine!
Alexis Texas post 12
Alexis Texas and Brianna Love compare their booties.....Or to be more precise, I do!
Alexis Texas post 11
Alexis catches an uninvited guest using her swimming pool.......She's extremely angry.....Until she sees the size of his dick, that is!
Alexis Texas post 10
Alexis Texas, Delilah Strong and Aline are out buying clothes when a guy asks them if they would like to come back to his apartment for sex....Of course, they agree
Alexis Texas post 9
Alexis Texas from Peter North's North Pole 68
Alexis Texas post 8
Alexis Texas uses her fantastic ass to get a good deal on a new car
Alexis Texas post 7
Alexis Texas gallery plus clips of nerdy student, Alexis getting a good pounding
Alexis Texas post 6
A nice hard-core gallery of Alexis Texas plus clips of Alexis having lesbian fun with a couple of her girlfriends
Alexis Texas post 5
Another promotion for Alexis's show...but there's a link here to an awesome Alexis scene at the fuck you should check it out!

Update:....The Alexis video at the fuckfactory seems to have gone.....Fuck!!!!....It was a really good one, too!
Alexis Texas post 4
You can largely skip this one...It's just a promotion for the Alexis Texas live show that took place in June...There are a couple of nice pics of her booty, though
Alexis Texas post 3
Alexis Texas and Brianna Love team up....Dude!...You've never seen so much booty!
Alexis Texas post 2
Alexis Texas from Peter North's Swallow This 9
Alexis Texas post 1
Screencaps and free video clips of Alexis Texas from Jules Jordan's Buttworx

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