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Just Us Girls: Jayden And Sophia

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Just Us Girls: Jayden And Sophia

Jayden James and Sophia Santi make a toast
Jayden flashes her white stockings Jayden reveals her pink bra Jayden slides a metal pole between her ass cheeks
Jayden James and Sophia Santi make out with their tongues
Sophia Santi works the pole Sophia flashes her black lace thong and whit stockings Sophia shows off her booty
Sophia undresses Jayden
Sophia uses her teeth to remove Jayden's bra Sophia squeezes Jayden's breast and licks her nipple Sophia flicks her tongue across Jayden's pierced pussy
Jayden introduces the world to Sophia's fantastic ass
Jayden rests her tongue on Sophia's nipple Jayden goes to work on Sophia's pussy Sophia uses a small dildo on Jayden's pink coochie
Could Jayden James be any cooler?....First of all, she totally fucking wows me with all of her wonderful, cock-exploding, eye-popping porn.....Then...she introduces me to the mind-blowingly hot Sophia Santi!....According to  IAFD, Sophia has actually been around since 2003.....But it would seem she only does girl on girl scenes which would explain why this is the first time I've ever seen her....We join the two dreamgirls at a resteraunt deciding what they want to eat.....While they're making up their minds, Jayden reveals that she's not wearing any panties....No real surprise there....But everything works out well because Sophia is in the mood for eating pussy anyway....In the end, the two girls forget all about the menu...and decide it would be much more satisfying snacking on each other's cookies....I have to say I agree with their choice.....Both Jayden's and Sophia's cookies look way more delicious than any appetizers I can think of....Thanks again, Jayden for introducing me to Sophia....Now if you could just talk her into doing some guy, girl porn, I would be eternally grateful.
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