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There’s Always A Happy Ending With Wendy Divine

Friday, November 14th, 2008
There's Always A Happy Ending With Wendy Divine
Wendy Divine in a summery dress that shows a hell of alot of cleavage Wendy Divine starts to lift up her dress Wendy Divine pulls her dress up to her crotch Wendy Divine shows her ass Another beautiful booty shot from Wendy Divine

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Wendy Divine sits back playfully on the couch Wendy Divine shows her big fake tits but hides her nipples Wendy Divine slowly pulls her dress down under her boobs Wendy Divine demonstrates her awesome blowjob skills Wendy Divine sucks cock and rubs her pussy
Wendy Divine gets fucked in reverse cowgirl Wendy Divine steadies herself on the couch as her pussy gets ploughed Wendy Divine prepares to climb off the cock Wendy Divine licks the cum from the tip of a cock Wendy Divine sucks the dick clean
When I noticed it was Lucy Thai's birhday yesterday.....I also noticed it was Wendy Divine's birthday the day before! (Nov 11th)......Wendy (or Maya Divine as she used to call herself back when I was obsessed with her) used to drive me fucking crazy with her totally awesome blowjobs!.....I watched quite a few of her full-sex scenes too....but I'm a big fan of the fellatio...and Wendy was one of the best!.....My personal favorite is her scene from  California Cocksuckers 17!....Unfortunately, the movie (at least as far as I know) was never released on DVD...and even if you still have VHS player....It seems to be pretty hard to find......I used to have the video....and luckily, I ripped a copy of Wendy's scene to my hard drive a good few years ago......It's grainy but it's worth putting up with the poor picture to see Wendy's fantastic blowjob!.....Wendy has changed her image a little over the years....For one thing, she changed her name from Maya to Wendy.....She also went from a blond to a red head.....And her boobs seem to have been growing suspiciously larger!.....For some reason, Wendy kind of fell out of my consciousness a little while ago....and I haven't watched her in ages.....But just writing about her now is making me remember some of the excellent scenes she did.....I've already mentioned my favorite BJ scene and how it's pretty much impossible to get hold of....But the hottesst I ever saw Wendy look was in  Big Tit Teasers 2- Double DD Confessions which is available to stream or buy at that video, Wendy's being interviewed by some horny, British guy...and she's wearing this latex bra and thong get up.....She looks fucking delicious!.......The pics and clips featured in this post are from's Mother Load 2....Yes....Wendy's a MILF now....She's been in porn since 1998!......But she still looks terrific....and most important of all.....her ass looks the same....and next to her formidable oral skills...this is her best feature......In this scene, Wendy plays a masseuse who always insists on making sure her lucky clients finish the session with a happy ending!....Anyway....Happy (belated) Birthday, Wendy.....I'm going to start checking out you're newer, slightly MILFier videos almost immediately!

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