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Would You Give This Woman A Ride?

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010
Would You Give This Woman A Ride?
Jenna Presley movie
Standed babe, Jenna Presley Voodoo pulls up to Jenna on his motorcycle
Jenna shows her ass as she climbs on Voodoo's bike Jenna and Voodoo arrive at Jenna's place
Voodoo squeezes Jenna's tits through her sexy purple business style blouse Voodoo puts his hand down Jenna's black skirt
Voodoo squeezes Jenna's big naked tits Jenna assesses Voodoo's dick through his jeans
A stream of saliva runs from Jenna's tongue to Voodoo's cock Big breasted Jenna Presley sucks Voodoo's cock
Jenna Presley rides Voodoo in reverse cowboy Voodoo fucks Jenna in doggy
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Jenna jerks the jiz out of Voodoo Jenna Presley poses with cum on her face and tits
Enter Reality Kings
So...You're cruising down the highway on your motorcycle the spot a woman standing by a car!.....As you get closer, you notice the woman is very beautiful and that she has enormous fake breasts!....What should you do?.....The automatic impulse is to pull over, find out what the problem is and see if you can help....But, be warned!....For you're about to see that the woman you're almost falling off your bike to assist might very well be a slut!....Meet high-powered corporate executive, Jenna Presley!....She is just on her way to a high-powered, corporate meeting when....wouldn't you know it?....Her high-powered, corporate company car breaks down!.....It isn't long before Jenna flags down unsuspecting biker, Voodoo....And, although, we should give the guy some credit for his initial reluctance to give her a the end, the $100 she gives him plus his desire to feel Jenna's tits squished up against his back gets the better of him!....What happens next could have come straight out of the sluts' handbook!....Jenna overwhelms Voodoo with her huge boobs before forcing his cock, first, into her mouth...and then into her pussy!....Before he knows what's happened to him, Voodoo's cock is completely drained of the jiz which Jenna, now, wears proudly on her face and tits!.....It just goes to show....Even if the woman you're about to help looks like a respectable business woman, she could still be a slut!....But Jenna did give us a couple of clues!....Just look at how much cleavage she's showing!....And when she climbs onto Voodoo's bike, you can clearly see her ass!....So if you ever come across Jenna stranded in the middle of the road....think long and hard about the last guy who helped her and the filthy, disgusting things she did to his cock!....And remember....That could be you!

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