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Havana’s Medicine

Thursday, August 6th, 2009
Havana's Medicine
Joey Ray gets his hands on Havana Ginger Joey licks Havana's pussy Havana sucks Joey's cock while cupping her big boobs Havana Ginger sucking dick in black stockings Havana takes a spoon style pussy pounding
Close up shot of Havana giving Joey head
Havana Ginger in reverse cowboy 1 Havana Ginger in reverse cowboy 2 Havana Ginger in reverse cowboy 3 Nice view of Havana's booty as she rides Joey Joey fucks Havana in missionary
Havana and Joey spoon Havana gets it doggy style Joey titty fucks Havana Joey's jiz drips from Havana's tongue and onto her tits Closeup of Havana Ginger with cum in her mouth
Poor Havana Ginger!....The lovely Blatina's been feeling a little down lately!....But at the risk of seeming to take pleasure in someone else's discomfort, I'm still going to say that that's pretty good news for us!...You see, when Havana gets that way, apparently, the only thing that'll cheer her up is a solid injection of white cock!....And she knows very well that the best place to get her medicine is down at the studios of!....Over the years, they've become well aware of Havana's moods and they always try and make sure she gets an extra hard fucking!....Partly because they know just how much it gets her spirits back up....But also because when the guy's find themselves confronted with those huge brown areolas, they just can't helping giving it to her a little harder than normal!.....The last time Havana dropped by, Joey Ray was the lucky bastard who got to fuck her....And I don't think you'll be too surprised to learn that he wanted to give those titties a good pounding, too!...But you know what?...That's OK!...Because the more body parts Havana gets fucked in, the better it makes her feel!....I think that's why I don't feel guilty....It's actually good news for everybody!

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Queen Areola

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009
Queen Areola
Havana Ginger's huge brown nipples peek over the top of her bra Havana Ginger in a sexy nude pose Havana Ginger starts to suck dick Havana Ginger licks the head of a dick with her pierced tongue Havana fills her mouth with cock
Havana cups her enormous jugs
Havana Ginger....She may just have the nicest nip's ever
Dude slides his cock into Havana's pierced pussy Lovely picture of Havana Ginger being fucked in missionary Havana gets a cock up her ass Some more anal from Havana Ginger Havana gets ass fucked in reverse cowgirl
Havana lays back while being fucked in the ass Havana Ginger pulls her pussy lips apart while enjoying a missionary style ass fucking Jiz drips from Havana's tongue and down her boobs Havana licks a cock tip with a mouth full of cum Havana Ginger smiles as the nut drips down her chin
Looking at Havana Ginger's hard to believe that I went through a period when I stopped watching this Blatin stunner!.....I kind of liked her old, smaller boobs and her then new gigantic rack turned me off a bit!.....Now that I'm used to them they actually look pretty fucking terrific!....I still miss her old ones, though!....Nipple lovers who never saw her when she was an average titted young beauty should take a good look at those gorgeous, huge, brown areolas and then consider the fact that those babies used to cover her entire breast!....Having said that, I'm getting to the point where I just can't look away from Havana's newer, pumped-up pumpkins....Unless I'm staring into those lovely dark eyes or being hypnotized by that fantastic light, brown ass of hers, of course!....These pics and clips of Havana are from Big Boobs Fat!.....I don't recognize the scene but unlike the original content featured in the rest of the Incredible Pass sites, BBFB tends to dig into the vaults for their scenes so It might be a couple of years old.....But don't worry!...Just sit back...Relax...And enjoy what just might be the nicest set of nipples, ever!

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