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Cumming Up Roses

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
Cumming Up Roses
Roses tidies the room in her lingerie
Sexy Roses in a hot red one piece and stockings Full frontal Roses A black rose for a black rose
Roses kneels on the bed with his booty towards the camera
Roses fiddles with her thong straps Roses rubs her clit Ramon gets an eyeful of black ass
Ramon relieves Roses of her thong
Roses gets her pussy licked by Ramon Roses takes hold of Ramon's dick Roses takes Ramon's cock down her throat
Roses raises her red stockings in the air while Ramon fucks her
Roses gets fucked legs akimbo Ramon fucks Roses doggy style while tickling her pussy with her rose shaped feather duster Ramon cums all over Roses beautiful black ass
Roses was trying to get her boyfriend, Ramon Nomar to help her clean up the apartment....But all the lazy bastard would do was lounge about on the sofa reading his damn newspaper!....However, Roses was determined!....So she dressed herself up in her sexiest lingerie and continued her vacuuming in the hope that when Ramon saw how hot she looked, he'd get off his ass and give her a hand!.....He gave her a hand, alright......but not the kind of hand pretty Roses had planned!.....The moment he got an eyeful of that lovely, black booty of hers with that tiny piece of red butt floss between her cheeks, Ramon couldn't keep his hands off her ass!.....Seeing as her pussy was wet, anyway....Roses took the bait and sucked Ramon's dick.....After which, the horny slacker stripped her down to her red stockings and gave her wet pussy a good hard fucking!.....The two of them could clean the apartment later!....But first of all, Roses would have to clean Ramon's nut off of all that gorgeous, chocolate jelly!
In clip one, Danielle gives Jules a nice blow job
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In clip two, Jules fucks the wonderfully flexible Danielle on the couchPlay Clip Two
In clip three, Jules fucks Danielle's beautiful asshole, doggy stylePlay Clip Three In clip four, bounces her butthole up and down on Jules's dickPlay Clip Four

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