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The Ideal Tenant

Sunday, January 17th, 2010
The Ideal Tenant
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Carina looking sexy in white rimmed glasses Carina holds her spectacles between her lips Carina topless carina pulls down her red thong
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You may remember that when we last saw way-too-smoking-to-be-true, Hungarian hottie, Carina, she was trading sexual favours for the opportunity of staying in Mike's Apartment, rent free!.....This arrangement was OK for a while....But...let's be honest....Mike's place can get a little cramped and I think that even back then, we all knew that it was only a matter of time before this young beauty from Budapest was going to need more than just the one room!.....The trouble is, she still doesn't have any money.....So the only way Carina can afford more than just the one room is to get fucked by more than just the one dick!......Not that she minds!....This lovely lady knows, only too well, that you don't get something for nothing, in this world!.......And according to her new landlord, Carina is a remarkably responsible young woman who's always on time when the beginning of the month comes around and it's time for her to get her pussy, face and titties fucked!....He did go on to add that if you're in the real estate business to get rich then you may want to consider renting to one of those stockbroker types.....But for those of us who believe that getting our dicks sucked really well is far more important than any amount of money, Carina is the ideal tenant!

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The Carina Factor

Monday, October 19th, 2009
The Carina Factor
Hungarian hottie, Carina in Mike's Apartment
Carina kneels on the bed in a green star patterned bra and thong Carina reveals her fantastic natural C cups Carina lays topless on the bed with her legs open wide
Carina busting out of her bra as she jerks off Renato
Awesome pic of Carina's cleavage as she holds on to Renato's dick Carina goes down on Renato Renato squeezes Carina's lovely boobs while fucking her
Renato fucks Carina in missionary while grabbing one of her tits
Carina pulls her thong to one side while Renato fucks her Renato holds underneath Carina's knees and fucks her in reverse cowgirl Carina takes Renato in vice grip between her big, natural boobs
Carina sucks Renato's dick to prepare him for the cumshot
Carina clamps her lips around Renato's nuts Carina jerks the jiz out of Renato's cock and onto her big tits Busty Budapest babe, Carina with cum on her fingers, tongue and tits
OK!....So pic number 16 is a bit of a cheat...Seeing as this smoking-hot, Hungarian super-babe is perhaps the most shameful cum-dodger I've ever seen!....But, while I was watching this one, I was so completely lost in the beauty of 19 year old Carina from Budapest that I completely forgave her obvious distaste for Renato's jiz!....The photos of this girl are hot, it's true....But they pale in comparison to how gorgeous she looks on HD video!....And what's the deal with these Eastern European chicks and their tongues?....I swear to God...Carina, here, could lick the blueberries out of a fucking muffin!.....Anyway, the reason we've all been treated to these graphic images of the lovely Carina is she's in town for a few days and she needs a place to stay.....She doesn't have very much money but she does have the breasts of a goddess and she's more than willing to barter with those boobies!....I know!...I know!...The so called experts say that this is a bad market to own property because housing prices are falling....But I think these "experts" should take a good look at Carina and then factor in the hidden value of renting to her!....I know that my property went up as soon I saw her!

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