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Heavenly Body Art

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010
Heavenly Body Art
Baby Cakes and Delotta Brown quicktime movie
Baby Cakes paints Delotta Brown's wonderful big, natural boobs Delotta brings Voodoo in to meet Baby Cakes Voodoo oils up Bella's awesome booty Voodoo and Baby do some art work on Delotta's splendid titties
Delotta decorates Baby's areola with some purple paint Delotta and Voodoo brand Baby's booty Delotta sucks off Voodoo while Baby grabs a handful of titty Baby Cakes sucks Voodoo's dick while Delotta Brown licks his nuts
Voodoo fucks Baby while sucking on Delotta's nipple Sexy cowgirl, Delotta Brown rides Voodoo Baby Cakes gets fucked in reverse cowboy while Delotta licks her big brown areolas Baby Cakes and Delotta Brown stack there asses to get fucked doggy style
Baby Cakes watches Delotta Brown get fucked in missionary Baby Cakes gets her pussy fucked by Voodoo and her nipple licked by Delotta Delotta smiles as Baby Cakes gets titty fucked Baby Cakes watches Delotta crush Voodoo's cock between her big tits
Baby Cakes and Delotta Brown cup their jiz and paint covered boobies
Oh my fucking God it's Baby Cakes and Delotta Brown!.....Just writing those two names in the same sentence gives me a viagra-size stiffy!....And speaking of viagra...Whatever you do, don't ever take one before watching these girls perform together!.....A 72 hour erection might sound like alot of fun.....but, at some point, you're going to have to leave the house....And it can be really embarrassing when you're trying to do your grocery shopping!....Anyway, the reason we find these two heavenly bodies within such comfortable groping-distance of one another's spectacular boobies is that Baby wants to try her hand at a little body art!....Seeing as Baby is her dear, dear friend....Delotta has, naturally, invited her around to practice on her tits!....After all, what are enormous-breasted friends for? have to keep in mind that this is Baby's first attempt and I truly believe she has what it takes to become an excellent tit-painter!......All the same, she could do with a little coaching which is why I was so glad when Delotta's artist neighbour, Voodoo showed up to give her a few helpful hints......In fact, if you look at his work closely, I think you'll agree that we can all learn a great deal about tit-painting from Voodoo's technique....Watching this man demonstrate his expertise on Delotta's and Baby's super-size gazongas is truly inspiring!.....I'm sure you'll be particularly impressed with how they look after he's added his finishing touches!

Baby Cakes and Delotta Brown free video clips and photos come courtesy of Big Naturals
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Baby Cakes Is Good For You

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Baby Cakes Is Good For You

An incredibly sexy looking Baby Cakes Baby Cakes releases her superb natural breasts
Baby Cakes uses her elbows to crush her boobs Baby Cakes uses her fingers to jiggle her insanely hot booty cheeks
Baby Cakes wraps her long tongue around some dude's dick Baby Cakes sucks some dick
Baby Cakes in reverse cowboy Baby Cakes bounces her ass on a big dick
Spooning with Baby Cakes Baby Cakes gets fucked doggy style
Guy shoots his load over Baby Cakes's tits Baby Cakes cups her cum covered tits
I'm glad to see that  Black Ice Pass  have finally started doing promo galleries!.....We all know how badly produced black porn can be sometimes.....I've watched stuff where the lighting's so bad you can't even see the performers!.....But these guys turn out some top-notch stuff so it's a pretty sure bet I'll be posting quite a few of there pics and clips in the near future!....They're still in the early stages, so the bad news is there are some kick-ass scenes that don't have galleries available yet....But the good news is I found this Baby Cakes gallery from  Big Black Racks 5  and...damn the girl looks fine!.....As usual, there's no plot here....Just a few inane questions about Baby's boobs.....some mind blowing ass shaking...And the next thing you know, her pussy is stuffed with cock and Baby's insanely nice tits are jiggling up and down the way only natural breasts can!....There'll be more yummy candy from Black Ice Pass soon...Until then...I suggest you fill up on Baby Cakes...You know she's good for you!

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Babycakes Grows Up

Sunday, March 8th, 2009
Babycakes Grows Up
BabyCakes wearing a summery cleavage revealing dress BabyCakes in a black bra and a pinstripe thong Baby's booty Naked BabyCakes with her bra between her teeth Babycakes with one sex toy in her mouth and one in her pussy
Babycakes tittyfucks a white guy
Does this cock make my tits look too big?
Babycakes in reverse cowboy Guy fucks Babycakes while squeezing her tits Guy tries to fit Baby's entire boob  in his mouth Babycakes gyrates her pussy on a cock Babycakes goes for a cock ride
Babycakes gets fucked doggy style BabyCakes holds her pussy lips open Babycakes sucks dick Babycakes licks all over the head of a cock BabyCakes sticks out her tongue and approaches the dick
After she grew to a plump, ripe 36DD, Babycakes decided she was getting far too big play with toys, so she wiggled her hot ass over to the  Big Boobs Fat Booty  studios to see if they maybe help her out!.....The porn execs took one look at Baby's enormous rack and knew instantly just what she needed!....They took her into a big room and told her to wait for a few minutes while they prepared her surprise!.....This time alone was the perfect opportunity for Baby to say goodbye to a couple of her toys....They'd served her well over the years and although she knew it was time to grow up now, she couln't resist caressing her pussy with them just one more time.....It was when Babycakes was about to climax that the porn execs returned with her surprise!....It was a white dude with a big cock and Babycakes couldn't have been more thrilled!......Babycakes had never seen a real cock before...and she had such fun sucking on it and rubbing it up and down between her big black tits!....When it was finally time to put it in her pussy, it was the happiest moment of her life!.....Nowadays, Babycakes doesn't have to go out looking for guys with big cocks....The guys with big cocks come looking for her!....But she'll never forget her toys..or the big white cock she fucked at!

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Baby’s Boobs Need Johnny’s Jiz

Friday, February 6th, 2009
Baby's Boobs Need Johnny's Jiz
BabyCakes lays back in her multi-colored squigly line patterned bikini
Big boobed baby gives the camera a nice smile Baby's big black booty BabyCakes exposes her superb, natural tits to the world
Baby oil for Baby's boobs
Baby Cakes is extremely proud of her oiled up tits Baby oil for Baby's ass Baby heads upstairs to meet Johnny
Johnny introduces his dick to Baby's mouth
BabyCakes gives Johnny's cock a nice sucking Babycakes tries out Johnny'd dick in her pussy Johnny pounds Baby's pussy in doggy style
Babycakes tittyfucks Johnny Sins
Baby cakes holds Johnny's dick between her tits and licks the head Johnny shoots his load all over Baby's face and tits BabyCakes smiles for the camera as Johnny's nut drips down her face and boobs
I have been saving this one!.....You probably know by now that this girl calls herself BabyCakes although I must say, everything looks pretty well full grown to me!.......BabyCakes is one of those rare girls who I first downloaded on the strength of her picture alone....and I'm very glad I did!......I just can't seem to keep my eyes off of this girls tits!.....That is....until she turns around and starts shaking her ass....Then I can't keep my eyes off of that!.....And I'm pretty sure that Johnny Sins is just as impressed with her as I am!......If you're a fan of ebony porn, I seriously suggest you check this girl out if you haven't already......While she's being fucked, her ass and boobs shake simply by the force of gravity with pratically no effort from BabyCakes, herself, at all!......And this girl titty fucks so well that Johnny Sins positively explodes when we get to the cum-shot!.......BabyCakes only has a few movies available as of now.....Hopefully, she'll make alot more soon....I just pray that she's not one of those girls who just dissapears after a couple of months......But if she does, I certainly don't mind watching this scene a few more times!
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