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Anyone For Titty?

Sunday, August 8th, 2010
Anyone For Titty?
Daisy Lee movie
Daisy Lee's cute, pink indented nipples Renato checks out Daisy's cleavage
Renato rubs an ice cube on Daisy's nipple Close up of Daisy Lee having ice rubbed on her areola
Renato sucks Daisy's nipple through an ice cube Renato uses a caliper to measure Daisy's nipple
Daisy sucks Renato's dick Renato pours baby oil on Daisy's tits
Closeup shot of Daisy Lee being titty fucked Renato pushes Daisy's nipple back into her breast with his dick
Renato fucks Daisy Renato licks Daisy's asshole
Daisy Lee's terrific ass in doggy style Daisy Lee gets fucked in reverse cowboy Close up shot of Renato jizzing on Daisy Lee's titties Daisy smiles at Renato as she jerks his cum onto her tits
Enter Reality Kings
Daisy wants to enter the Miss Totally, Freakin', Awesome, Natural Titties pageant....The most prestigious big, natural titty tournament in the country!.....The trouble is, the fucking morons who organize the event have, for some reason, insisted that all of this years contestants have pointy nipples meaning that those cute, little indentations in Daisy's could get her disqualified!.....One way of dealing with this atrocious decision would have been for everybody to call up the event planners and threaten to boycott the Miss Totally, Freakin', Awesome, Natural Titties pageant until stubby, indented nipples were allowed!.....But I had a much better idea!...I managed to convince Daisy to hire a PA whose job it would be to keep her nipples nice and pointy until the pageant is over!....Be warned, though....this position will take a lot of commitment!....Among other things, your duties will include the daily sucking of Daisy's well as rubbing her areolas with ice cubes.....and continually fucking her tits until you nut!.....And to show you just how hard it can get while your continually fucking Daisy's tits, she and her friend, Renato, have put together this little demonstration!....Applications in by Friday, please!....But will not be able to let Daisy's tits out of your sight until after the if the feeling soft, squishy, natural breasts sliding up and down your pole doesn't appeal to you, don't even bother to apply!....Otherwise, please send Daisy a stamped addressed envelope containing your age, height, length and girth...and I'll make sure she gets back to you just as soon as soon as I can get her away from Renato's dick!

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