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Pussy Collector

Sunday, February 7th, 2010
Pussy Collector
Alexis 3 minute movie
Alexis poses on a sofa in Mike's Apartment Alexis shows Renato her tits Renato checks out Alexis's boobs Renato shows off Alexis's ass
Alexis fiddles with the bulge in Renato's pants Alexis sucks Renato's dick pic 1 Alexis sucks Renato's dick pic 2 Close up shot of Renato's dick being squeezed between Alexis's huge tits
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European babe, Alexis gets fucked in reverse cowboy Alexis rides Renato while he sucks on her nipples Close up shot of Renato sucking Alexis's big tits European babe, Alexis gets titty fucked
Alexis gets her big titties covered in jiz
Well...It's the beginning of the month, again, which means it's time, once more, for our good friends, Mike and Renato, to collect the rent!....The young woman who's been rooming at Mike's this month is called Alexis....and because she has very little in the way of money, the two parties have reached an agreement in which Alexis pays Mike by allowing him to watch and film her while she gets her hot, little pussy stuffed by Renato!.....Mike lets, pretty much, all of his hotter, female tennants pay him in this way which begs the on earth does he ever make any money?.....So I asked Mike about this when I pretended to interview him, last Wednesday, and he told me that he really didn't give a shit about the money....and that seeing the smile on Alexis's pretty face after Renato had just given her tits a nice, thick coat of jiz was payment enough!....Well, Mike, old buddy!....If watching Renato cum on Alexis's tits is good enough for you, then I guess it's good enough for the rest of us, as well!

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