List of blog posts starring Carmella Bing

List of blog posts starring Carmella Bing
Carmella Bing post 23
Keiran thinks that he's outsmarted Agent Bing because he's managed to fool her polygraph test......But crafty Carmella has an ace up her sleeve....Let's just see how well he withstands the Holly graph test!
Carmella Bing post 22
The annual dodgeball competition is drawing to a close and Carmella and Angelina are loosing to the guys....Their only hope now is to find some way to distract the guys from their.....Jesus Christ!....Would you look at those tits!!!....Hold on a minute!....What was I just saying?
Carmella Bing post 21
All the guys at Brazzers High love Miss Bing and Miss Marie because they both really take the time to get to know their students
Carmella Bing post 20
Carmella is in charge of a photoshoot but the bikini model hasn't turned up....Now Carmella will just have to squeeze her huge tits into that tiny, little bikini and model for the shoot, herself...As you can see...She's really upset about that!
Carmella Bing post 19
Carmella and her pals, Nikki and Angelina discover a medieval text about some of the nasty sexploits of their ancestors
Carmella Bing post 18
Carmella cheated on Kieran earlier she brings her friend, Sienna to dinner so he can even the score.....But then Sienna brings Mikey with her....I guess Carmella will just have to bring another hot friend by, tommorrow
Carmella Bing post 17
Carmella takes a trip to the Universal Studios Theme Park and finishes out the day by giving Scott Nails a nice titty fuck
Carmella Bing post 16
Carmella goes to an all girls party with Sienna and Angelina....but then Johnny Sinns turns up...and the three girls decide to have an orgy instead
Carmella Bing post 15
In this scene, Carmella and Gianna board a plane and have sex with the flight attendant......But, honestly, the best part was watching Carmella wiggle her ass while she was walking up the steps
Carmella Bing post 14
Carmella and her team mates, Holly and Tanya have a tough game of curling ahead of them.....If only they could come up with some way to distract the other team
Carmella Bing post 13
If Carmella and her buddy, Shyla can't make the grinch smile, they're gonna smother him to death with their huge boobies
Carmella Bing post 12
Carmella is joined by super MILF, Lisa Ann....The two girls visit to make a Double Decker Sandwich
Carmella Bing post 11
This is what Carmella looked like with natural breasts....I don't know why she got a boob job either!
Carmella Bing post 10
Despite a total lack of secretarial skills....Carmella looks like a shoo-in for this new job
Carmella Bing post 9
Carmella needs help around the she picks up a guy on the street....He helps her right out of her clothes and onto his dick
Carmella Bing post 8
Once plot!....The guys over at Brazzers just wanted to see Carmella's tits getting fucked again
Carmella Bing post 7
Nurse Bing's boss, Dr. Dalia has an unorthodox way of giving men physicals....She checks the firmness of their erections....Needless to say, all the guys stay pretty healthy in the care of these two health care professionals
Carmella Bing post 6
Shyla joins Carmella again....There's no plot here....They just drench each other in baby oil and get then get fucked in their asses
Carmella Bing post 5
This time, Carmella and Gianna are joined by Shyla Stylez...The three girls own a car wash.....But when one of their customers doesn't have any money, they make sure they get paid in cock instead
Carmella Bing post 4
When a Brazzers High student is caught dissing the school on the internet, Miss Bing and Principal Michaels shut him up by filling his mouth with their big tits
Carmella Bing post 3
Busty teacher, Carmella becomes worried because one of her students has such a big cock, it's distracting the females in her class.....Carmella orders him to whip it out so as she can take care of the situation
Carmella Bing post 2
Carmella Bing shares a cock with buddy, Candy Manson
Carmella Bing post 1
This one's mostly focused on Carmella's big boobs...C'mon now....Those are pretty fucking good, huh!

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