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Aria Valentino: Huge Jugs Full Of Milk

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008
Aria Valentino: Huge Jugs Full Of Milk
A glimpse of Aria's cleavage peeking through her bath robe Aria Valentino opens her robe and flashes her gorgeous, natural tits Aria Valentino holds the milk carton and gets ready for her white shower A small jet of milk streams out of the carton and down Aria's nipple Naked and milky Aria Valentino squats down in the shower
Aria Valentino's wonderful, milk-covered ass

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Ariel shot of Aria's milky tits Aria Valentino pours milk between her boobs Aria Valentino massages the milk into her natural breasts Aria Valentino fills her mouth with milk and dribbles it down her fabulous tits Aria Valentino covers her jugs in milk
Aria Valentino rubs the creamy liquid into her beautiful flesh Aria Valentino takes care of the other boob Aria Valentino attempts to drink the milk but spills most of it down her tits again Aria Valentino drenches herself Awesome shot of Aria Valentino's milky tits on glass
No....She's not lactating....Although I must admit.....That would be awesome!!!!!.....Almost as awesome, though is the sight of the lovely Aria disrobing in the shower and pouring cow's milk all over her fantastic breasts!......Apparently, somebody had told Aria that milk would be really good for her skin!....I'm guessing it was a dude that told her that!.....Whoever it was.....Thank you!.....Aria must have been thirsty as well....because she attempted to drink a good deal of the milk.....Messy girl that she is, though, most of it spilled right out of her mouth, between her boobs, over her belly....and down onto her cute, little Venezuelan pussy.....I have no idea whether milk is actually good for Aria's skin or not.....but it's in all our interests to keep telling to her that it is....Every so often, we should compliment her on how lovely her skin looks and ask her what her secret is!.....Not only that...but we have to insist that whenever Aria decides to cover her fabulous tits in milk, there should be a video camera handy at all times.....Then, hopefully, we'll all be enjoying Aria's milky jugs for years to come....I can't quite seem to get the thought of her lactating out of my head, though.....I wonder if she can do it!

Aria Valentino’s Pussy Play

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
Aria Valentino's Pussy Play
Aria Valentino in sexy bra and thong Aria Valentino in a sexy bra and thong with one huge boob hanging out Aria Valentino releases both breasts Aria Valentino gets ready to play Naked Aria Valentino sitting on the kitchen counter with one hand between her legs
Aria Valentino licks her areole

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leans to one side with her tits hanging out Aria Valentino nude Aria Valentino's big boob close up Aria Valentino slides one finger into her pussy Aria Valentino in a state of extacy
Aria Valentino pulls her pussy lips apart Aria Valentino shows us the inside of her twat Aria Valentino squeezes her clit between her fingers Aria Valentino pulls her thong to one side Wide angle shot of Aria Valentino's tits
OK Aria......We've seen your amazing body.....We've seen you nibbling on your nipples and licking all around your awesome areoles.......We've even seen you sucking dick!......Now I'm afraid I must insist that you hook up with some horrible looking tatooed fuck of a male pornstar and bump uglies!....This video was the first time I saw your snatch up close....And Oh my fucking God that thing is fine!.....And watching you bending over the counter with your perfect ass in the air while you were rubbing on those gorgeous pussy lips of yours just made me want to see you doing full blown hardcore even more.....Is it me or do your wonderful tits get bigger every time you do a video?.....They're obviously natural, I know.....Saline doesn't ripple back and forth that way...but somehow, you seem to go up two cup sizes every time I see you!......Whether it's my imagination or not....They're fucking spectacular!.....Anyway, Aria.....Would you at least consider it?....For me?......Thanks, Aria....Love you!

Aria Valentino Wearing A Curly-Wurly Bikini Thing

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008
Aria Valentino Wearing A Curly-Wurly Bikini Thing
Aria Valentino with her spiral wire bra above her nipples Aria Valentino in a sexy pose Aria Valentino with her huge breasts showing Aria Valentino touches her toes Aria Valentino with one hand on the floor and the other on her ass
A beautiful shot of Aria in spiral wire bra and black pants

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Same as pic 5 Aria Valentino nude Aria Valentino naked frontal shot Aria Valentino booty shot Aria Valentino sits down and leans sideways
Aria Valentino rests by the baseboard Aria Valentino gives us a sexy smile Aria Valentino leans back against the wall Aria Valentino presses her huge boobs together Aria Valentino and her come to bed eyes
I hope you weren't expecting to see Venezuelan cock-tease Aria Valentino sucking dick again.....It looks like she's gone back to her old habbit of driving us all crazy with her enormous knockers!.....But I just had to feature her again because of that twirly-whirly belly-dancer-style, bikini top thing she's wearing....As you'll know if you've been following, I have a huge sexy outfit fetish....and I've seen a couple of porn stars wearing these things and they drive me fucking nuts....coming in a close second to vinyl shorts!.....I did a quick google search...and apparently, it's called a spiral wire bra!....I'm afraid I have no video footage of Aria wearing this thing yet....but as soon as I do, I'll update this post....In the mean time, there are clips of Aria below.....They're softcore....but I think Aria's tits are beautiful enough to enjoy even without a cock stuffed between them....And the little strip Aria does is very sexy....and her spectacles are very becoming.......Watch out for Aria licking her nipples in the last clip...It's totally hot!

Aria Valentino’s Has A Nice Surprise For Us

Sunday, August 24th, 2008
Aria Valentino Has A Nice Surprise For Us
Aria Valentino_pic_1 Aria Valentino_pic_2 Aria Valentino_pic_3 Aria Valentino_pic_4 Aria Valentino_pic_5
Aria Valentino_pic_16

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Aria Valentino_pic_6 Aria Valentino_pic_7 Aria Valentino_pic_8 Aria Valentino_pic_9 Aria Valentino_pic_10
Aria Valentino_pic_11 Aria Valentino_pic_12 Aria Valentino_pic_13 Aria Valentino_pic_14 Aria Valentino_pic_15
I was completely disinterested when my new Aria Valentino   clips arrived in the mail this morning..."What's she doing this time?"...I yawned.."Riding her bicycle?....Doing sit-ups?....Maybe this time she reads the newspaper!".....But.....Aria does have those wonderful despite my relative indifference, I opened the email anyway....It's a good job I did....To my utmost surprise, Aria had a cock in her hand!....Excitedly, I clicked on the image...and dreams had come true....The beautiful Aria had a cock in her mouth!.....Well almost...It always manages to stay about an inch away from her actual lips...But still...this is a huge advance for the soft-core sex-pot!....On the free video clip links, I've written "Watch Aria suck cock for the first time on camera".....This is a little misleading.....She certainly does suck cock!....Her titties get fucked too!....But the cock itself is pixelated......Not so much that you can't see what's going on...but enough to be a little frustrating......No, I'm afraid if you want to see Aria suck cock properly, you're going to have to cough up that $1 to join her site......But for those of you who can't afford the's the slightly censored version:
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