List of blog posts starring Lisa Ann

List of blog posts starring Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann post 14
Lisa has a strict rule about babysitters bringing their boyfriends to her house, while she's out......And this is what happens when they break it!.......Damn!....If I could just find some way to convince my girlfriend to quit her job and go work as Lisa's babysitter, instead!
Lisa Ann post 13
Lisa has just finished her morning jog....So she's taking a shower because she didn't want us to see her all sweaty and sticky....Why the hell can't she get it through her head....Sweaty!...Sticky!...Soapy!...It's all good, Lisa!
Lisa Ann post 12
Keiran owes mob queen, Lisa now she's about to make him sleep with the fishes.....Poor Keiran!.....I don't see any way for him to get out of this.....She's even brought her fishnets with her!
Lisa Ann post 11
When Sienna found out that Lisa was after the same man she was, why, she was about to kick her ass!....But after she got a good look at Lisa's ass, she decided she'd much rather lick it that kick it.
Lisa Ann post 10
In this blowjob scene from Headcase 5, Lisa shows the younger starlets just why we guys are so crazy about the MILFs
Lisa Ann post 9
After the house painter accidentally paints Lisa's tits, she can't help wondering what they'd look like if he covered them in his cum.
Lisa Ann post 8
Lisa and her pal, Carmella tag-team Mark Davis in this scene from Double Decker Sandwich 8
Lisa Ann post 7
Lisa calls up her husband from the office to tell him she'll be late because she's working.....But she doesn't tell him about the big, black cock she'll be working on.
Lisa Ann post 6
When the pool boy arrived at Lisa's house, he was surprised to find the pool spotless....He hadn't waisted his time, though, because Lisa was extremely dirty!
Lisa Ann post 5
Lisa was trying to give Johnny Sins some tips on how to be more sensitive with his girlfriend....But when she saw the size of his dick, she decided she wanted it rough and Johnny's girlfriend could go and fuck herself!
Lisa Ann post 4
Lisa lures a plumber back to her house by telling him she needs some pipe laying....But we all know there's only one kind of pipe that Lisa's interested in.
Lisa Ann post 3
Alot of people simply assume that all Lisa's interested in is cock....But that just isn't true....Lisa loves pussy, too!
Lisa Ann post 2
It's Lisa's daughter's wedding day...and now the groom has cold feet!....Lisa has always believed that the best thing for cold feet is some hot, MILF pussy!
Lisa Ann post 1
Being blackmailed is no fun at all.....Except when it's Lisa Ann who's doing the blackmailing...She couldn't give a fuck about your money...She just wants your cock!

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