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Dirty Divas

Monday, October 19th, 2009
Dirty Divas
Essence Beauty and Cali Sunshyne in hot bikinis Essence Beauty and Cali Sunshyne share a chunk of pineaple Essence Beauty cupping her amazing tits Cali Sunshyne rubs and ice cube over her big brown stubby nipple
Cali Sunshyne rubs some ice over Essence Beauty's areolas Essence and Cali lick a couple of giant inflatable cocks Essence pretends to hump Cali with the gigantic cock Cali pulls Essence's yellow bikini bottoms to the side and shows us her lovely ass and pussy
Essence licks a chunk of melon from between Cali's fantastic butt cheeks Essence gets her nipple licked by Cali and her pussy licked by Jerry Essence feeds Jerry's dick to Cali Cali rubs Jerry's balls while Essence sucks his cock for him
Cali watches as Jerry's dick goes in and out of the beautiful Essence Essence squeezes Cali's tits while Jerry fucks her Lucky old Jerry lays back while Essence sits on his cock and Cali sits on his face Jerry releases a load of jiz across the beautiful booties of Essence and Cali
The last time she appeared, I made no secret of how blown away I was by bootylicious stunner, Essence Beauty!....But I was absolutely convinced that that would be the last time we saw her before she left us for the comforts of the Cedric Jenkins Home For Retired Black Super Hotties!.....Well...Thankfully, I was wrong!.....Because here's the gorgeous Essence again..sharing the screen with the copious tits and ass of sexy sista, Cali Sunshyne!.....Make no mistake...Getting Essence to come back was by no means easy!....For one thing, she insisted that Round And Brown provided her with, at least, two gigantic, inflatable cocks....One for her...and one for her gal-pal, Cali!...Also, the two dirty divas said they required a real dick!..That the dick had to be no less than 7.5 inches in length!.....And that the balls should be carrying enough jiz to cover both of their rather large booties!....But nothing is too good for hot girls like Essence and Cali...And so  Round And Brown  not only hired Jerry's substantial dick for the purposes of this scene....But they spared no expence in buying the girls the best inflatable cocks they could find!....Thanks,  Round And Brown!....I guess that old fucker, Cedric Jenkins will just have to wait!


Perfect Eleven

Thursday, October 1st, 2009
Perfect Eleven
It's very easy to see why this pornstar chose the name, Essence Beauty
Essence Beauty looking gorgeous in a red fishnet top and skin tight, white shorts Essence Beauty leans forward and lets her perfect, natural breasts hang Smoking black babe, Essence Beauty cups her wonderful boobies
Some delicious ebony booty from the stunning Miss Essence Beauty
Essence gets her tits felt up by a very lucky white guy indeed It's time for Essence to turn around so as we can poor some baby oil on that lovely ass of hers Even while she's getting her pussy rubbed, Essence can't wait for that dick
Essence Beauty parts her pretty lips and sucks the lucky white dude's dick
Essence flicks her tongue over the tip of a hard cock Finally we get to see the beautiful Essence being fucked I simply couldn't resist this pic of Essence Beauty's big-ole booty as she takes a pussy pounding
The beautiful Essence gets fucked missionary style
Wow!  Essence certainly seems to be enjoying that nice, hard fucking she's taking By the look on her face, I think Essence knows exactly what's cumming next A whole lotta cum for a whole lotta booty, Hope we see you again soon, Essence
You hardly ever see perfect 11s in porn....There are actually several reasons for this....The main one being that 11 out of 10 is a mathematical impossibility!....Or is it?.......I tell you....something truly wonderful happened to me, the other day....I saw these pictures of Essence Beauty for the first time!....And with her bewitching eyes and her enticing smile, I simply knew that Essence simply defies every scientific law known to man....and probably one or two unknown ones, as well!.....So what in Einstein's fucking riddle is such an angelic looking girl doing in an industry like porn?....Beats me!...I really don't know!....To be honest, when I'm confronted with a ravishing beauty like this, I set such unanswerable questions aside and just sit back and count my blessings!....I suggest that you do the same!....In fact, why not play a little game.....Study these photos and video clips of Essence, really hard, and see if you can find a single flaw....I certainly didn't!.....But this was one game that I had a hell of a good time losing!.....Thank you,  Round And Brown  for proving all those stuffy scientists wrong and making history with this perfect 11!.....Oh, Nigel Tufnel...We laughed at you but you were merely ahead of your time!


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