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The Marxxx Udders

Monday, February 15th, 2010
The Marxxx Udders
Erin Marxxx misses a punt Erin Marxxx discusses punting with her coach, Levi Cash Coach Cash has an idea how to improve Erin's punting Coach Cash tears Erin's shirt open
The coach grabs two nice handfuls of Erin's lovely natural titties
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Coach Cash cums on Erin's face and tits
When it comes to football, nobody has a more impressive set of natural breasts than star punter, Erin Marxxx!....Known to football enthusiasts, world-wide, as "That hot chick with the really great tits!", it is not unusual for Erin to completely pack a stadium with adoring fans, desperately, hoping to see a muff!.....But as we join Erin today, during a training session with her coach, Levi Cash, it saddens me to report that all is not well.....A short vacation has left Marxxx off her mark and completely unable to get the ball between the posts!.....Yet despite her poor performance, there's still a chance Erin will make this year's team!...There's a reason they call her "That hot chick with the really great tits"...and that's where Coach Cash comes in!....He believes that Erin just needs to, mentally, visualize the ball going between the posts and that the best way for her to do that is to, actually, visualize his cock going between her tits, first!....Lets hope Coach Cash is correct!....If he is...and he can just make Erin see how much letting him cum all over her beautiful, natural titties will improve her punting, then there's a good chance we'll all get to see that muff, today, afterall!

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