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She Said Yes!

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
She Said Yes!
Amber Stars movie
Ramon sees Amber Stars on her webcam Amber Stars in a pink tank top and light blue shorts
Amber Stars gets naked Amber sticks out her ass and spreads her pussy
Ramon confronts the naked Amber in her bedroom Amber Stars in pink and white striped socks with Ramon
Amber gets up close and personal with Ramon Ramon licks Amber's pussy
Amber takes Ramon's dick out Amber Stars sucks dick
Amber Stars in reverse cowgirl Amber Stars rides Ramon
Amber Stars massages her titty while getting fucked Amber Stars gets fucked doggy style
Ramon nuts on Amber's ass Amber smiles as jiz runs down her booty
Enter Reality Kings
Ramon Nomar had such a crush on his upstairs neighbour, Amber Stars....And at night, he'd often think up ways he might get to know her well enough to jiz on her ass!......But the beautiful Amber was a perfect 10....and he......just a lowly pervert.....How on earth would he ever summon up the courage to ask this ebony goddess to let him nut on her?....Then, one day, while trolling the inernet for wanton young women out looking for a good time, Ramon suddenly happened upon a closeup of the most gorgeous pussy he had ever seen!.....Overwhelmed with lust, he waited patiently to see who this wonderful pussy belonged to....Imagine his surprise when he realized it was owned by none other than the lovely Amber!....This was the opportunity that Ramon had been waiting for!....And without further ado, he rushed upstairs to ask Amber if she'd do him the honor of allowing him to cum all over he booty!....Amber was a little taken aback....After all, she hardly knew Ramon!...But when she saw the stiffy her ass was giving him, it became obvious to her just how much he truly loved it!.....So Amber reached down for Ramon's cock and hornily said yes.....And then, they both lived happily for...Oh...I dunno...The next 30 minutes, maybe!

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