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How Kya Turned Natasha Nasty

Monday, September 28th, 2009
How Kya Turned Natasha Nasty
Busty babe, Natasha Nice in her black bikini Natasha Nice naked in a hot tub Sexy, busty Asian babe, Kya Tropic Kya Tropic lets her big natural tits out of her pink pokadot bikini Natasha Nice and Kya Tropic rub their tits against each other A frosty time at the dinner table with Natasha's parents
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Poor Natasha Nice!.....For the past two weeks, she's had to sit and listen while her parents extol the virtues of Asian exchange student, Kya Tropic!.....In the past, when her parents have compared her, unfavorably, to other girls...Natasha has taken solace in the fact that her beautiful, natural breasts are always so much nicer than theirs....But...Gosh Darnit!....If Kya's tits aren't every bit as plump and juicy looking as Natasha's!....The real trouble, though, came the other day while the two rivals were out sunbathing by the pool with Natasha's boyfriend....Kya can't speak English very well, you see....So Natasha figured it would be OK to leave her alone with him....After all, there was no way they could have a meaningful conversation....What could possibly go wrong?.....Imagine her outrage when she returned to find the cheating bastard with his cock out of his shorts and his hands all over Kya's delicious, Asian ta tas!...Personally, I wouldn't have blamed Natasha if she'd have dumped his sorry ass right there and then!....But alas....Natasha is only human...and seeing those lovely boobies drenched in oil made her want to ht that Asian pussy, too!.....I guess Natasha will have to wait till next year, for revenge, when she flies over to visit Kya.....I hear that those Asian dudes just love big-ole, white titties!
Natasha Nice gets her lovely body rubbed down by her lucky boyfriend
Natasha catches her boyfriend fooling around with Kya
Kya helps Natasha deep throat her boyfriend
Natasha feeds her boyfriend's cock to Kya while she licks his nuts Natasha fucks her boyfriend while Kya pinches her nipple Kya gets fucked while licking Natasha's pussy Natasha and Kya cup their big natural boobs while getting fucked Natasha gives her boyfriend a hand with Kya's booty Natasha Nice and Kya Tropic with cum on their faces and tits

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