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Now That’s Heaven!

Monday, September 28th, 2009
Now That's Heaven!
This pic of Natasha and Rucca in their bikinis doesn't do justice to how awesome they actually look
Rucca kindly ties up Natasha's titties Natasha returns the favor and ties up Rucca's titties Natasha shows us how beautiful her friend, Rucca's ass looks in her pink thong
Lovely pic of Natasha Nice and Rucca Page kissing while they smother John Strong's face with their boobs
Rucca Page gets her gorgeous, natural breasts fondled by John Strong John Strong sucks on Natasha Nice's lovely nipples Natasha Nice gets her titties sucked by Rucca Page and her pussy licked by John Strong
Natasha Nice gets titty fucked while tongue kissing with Rucca Page
Natasha Nice squeezes her tits around John Strong's cock and licks the tip John Strong titty fucks Rucca page while she flicks her tongue around in the tip of his penis Natasha deep throats John while Rucca licks his balls
Rucca Page gets her pussy fucked while making out with Natasha Nice
Rucca Page slides what just may be the pinkest pussy ever down on to John Strong's dick Beautiful pic of Natasha's hanging tits as she gets fucked doggy style John sprays Natasha's and Rucca's big, beautiful, natural breasts with jiz
This one's over a couple of years old so you've probably seen all the pics already.....But I watched the whole thing for the first time last night...and it was so fucking awesome that I had no choice but to post it!.....It stars tit-lovers wet-dream, Natasha Nice....who I seemed to have developed another addiction to, lately...And statuesque goddess, Rucca Page....who may just have the pinkest pussy known to mankind!.....I should tell you that it runs on for about 57 if you're a 1001 cumshots type of person, you may want to skip it.....But for those of us who can sit and stare at big, beautiful tits indefinitely, this one's certainly worth a download and then some!....For a start, you'll be so into watching Natasha and Rucca pulling their panties aside and flicking their tongues over one another's assholes that by the time they've done, I promise you, you won't be able to believe they've actually been lezzing it up for over 30 minutes!....And when they finally tear themselves away from each other and start going at John Strong's dick, the rest of the scene looks as though these two wonderful girls are having a private little competition to see if they can suck each other's nipples right off their tits!....From the moment I hit the play button and saw Rucca and Natasha sitting side by side in their mind-blowingly-sexy, skimpy little almost an hour later when they're licking cum off of each other's tits, I swear, I thought I was in heaven.....But I came back down to earth, a little later, when I thought about John Strong sitting back on the sofa getting his dick sucked by the'se two with one of Natasha's boobs in one hand and one of Rucca's in the other.....Now that's heaven!

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Rucca Page and Natasha Nice movie clip 1
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Rucca Page and Natasha Nice movie clip 3
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Rucca Page and Natasha Nice movie clip 4
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Inside Rucca’s Panties

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Inside Rucca's Panties

Rucca Page lays back and flashes her hairy pussy
Rucca Page in an orange top and purple panties Rucca Page pulls her panties to the side and flashes her hot bush Rucca Page with her legs wide open and her panties around her thighs
Rucca Page poses naked except for the denim skirt around her waist
Rucca Page sits on a sofa with her legs wide open Rucca invites Mikey into the dressing rooms Mikey licks Rucca's hairy pussy
Rucca rubs her clit while sucking Mikey's dick
Rucca crams Mikey's cock into her mouth Rucca gets fucked in reverse cowboy Mikey fucks Rucca against the arm of the couch
Rucca spoons with Mikey
Rucca rubs her pussy while Mikey fucks her ass Mikey pops on Rucca's pussy Rucca squeezes one of her boobs while rubbing Mikey's nut into her bush
Over the years, we've all come to know and love Rucca Page's hairy pussy!....But it's not always easy squeezing all that bush into the tiny little panties she likes to wear!....That's how Rucca ended up in Mikey's underwear store the other day...She wanted to see if she could find a pair, that would be big enough at the front to cover her  hot bush....while still being tiny enough at the back to accentuate her equally hot ass!....When she eventually found a pair she liked, Mikey suggested she should try them on to make sure they were a good fit....This was partly because Mikey's a good guy...But it was mainly due to the video camera he'd hidden in the changing rooms!.....Actually, Rucca did notice the camera while she was in there but the thought of Mikey outside jerking off to her kind of turned her on.....That's when the little minx decided to get a bit naughty.....She went outside to where Mikey was and asked him what he thought....And after some discussion, they both decided Rucca looked hottest wearing no panties at all!....I tend to agree!....It's hard to imagine anything more satisfying than pounding that  hot bush  of hers....Except, maybe, pounding that hot ass!


Rucca Page movie clip 1
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Rucca Page movie clip 2
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Rucca Page movie clip 3
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Rucca Page movie clip 4
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Kristina Rose
Jamie Elle in In The Outdoors
Jamie Elle

Lexxy in Great Bush

Bobbi Starr in Get Off My Lawn
Bobbi Starr

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Where Have All The Boobies Gone?

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Where Have All The Boobies Gone?

Rucca Page and Charlie James wearing white cut off shirts and skin tight blue shorts Rucca Page and Charlie James stand booty to booty
Rucca Page and Charlie James whip out each others boobs Topless Rucca gives Charlie's booty a thumbs up
Charlie James presents Rucca Page's pussy Charlie poses as Rucca gets her nipples tweaked Rucca and Charlie suck cock together Rucca's turn to suck cock
Charlie's turn to suck cock Charlie gets fucked while eating Rucca's pussy Charlie slides Chris's cock into Rucca's hole Charlie gets her tits felt up as she gets fucked
Charlie gets fucked doggy style while rubbing Rucca's pussy Rucca Page gets fucked in reverse cowboy while Charlie James pinches her nipple Rucca and Charlie show Chris a titty fuck sandwich Rucca Page and Charlie James with cum on their tits
I've only seen Charlie James in one scene before with Gianna Michaels....And I've only seen Rucca Page in one scene before with Gianna Michaels!.....My rational side tells me that this is a coincidence....But my irrational side tells me that the universe deliberately brought Rucca and Charlie together to remind me that it's about time I put both girls in my blog again!.....If I listen hard enough, I can hear their gorgeous, natural boobies crying for attention.....And what kind of man would I be if I didn't take one look at breasts like these and give them exactly what they wanted?.....So for the second time each, here are natural beauties, Rucca Page and Charlie James....They're playing a couple of bartenders who get very friendly, with customers who tip them well....When Chris comes in to the bar lamenting the fact that there are no nice, natural tits left in California, it's up to the two busty babes to convince him otherwise.....It doesn't take very much titty fucking before Chris realizes he was dead wrong....But then...that's California for you!.....You search around all day for girls with big, natural tits then you come across two at once!

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Gianna Michaels and Rucca Page: Busty And Bustier

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
Gianna Michaels and Rucca Page: Busty And Bustier
Gianna Michaels in daisy dukes with one big sexy boob hanging out of her bra Oily Gianna Michaels in tank top, sexy bra and daisy dukes Gianna Michaels topless in cut off jeans Gianna Michaels shows her tits off Gianna Michaels and her awesome big booty

Gianna Michaels tongue kissing with Rucca Page</td>
<a title=Watch Gianna/Rucca's free video clips at
Rucca Page thong booty shot Rucca Page with one titty hanging out of her sexy blue bra Rucca Page cups her big naked boobs Rucca Page holds up one tit and licks her nipple Gianna Michaels and Rucca Page feel up each other's titties
Gianna Michaels sucks the tip of a cock while Rucca Page licks the shaft Gianna Michaels gets fucked while Rucca Page licks her clit Gianna Michaels rests her big boobs on Rucca Page's ass while kissing Kurt Lockwood Gianna Michaels and Rucca Page with cum all over their boobies Kurt Lockwood rests his dick between the beautiful breasts of Gianna Michaels and Rucca Page
I can't remember which movie it was....It was a behind the scenes and the interviewer was talking to Gianna Michaels about the lesbian scene she was about to do......In it, Gianna had to lick her female co star's asshole quite a bit....and Gianna was explaining that although she could lick a chick's ass all day long...there was something about a dude's ass that was just kind of gross! looks like Gianna's changed her mind...because in this scene from, all in all, she spends a good five minutes with her tongue stuck firmly up Kurl Lockwood's butt!......I'm inclined to agree with the old Gianna....there is definitley something gross about a dude's asshole....But in this scene, I'm going to forgive her for two reasons.......Number one.....because it's Gianna and I love her....And number two.... Gianna is joined here by a girl I've been meaning to watch for a while now, Rucca Page.....Rucca is another beautiful busty girl.....Her boobs aren't as big as Gianna's...but there just as nice!........And the combination of these two full breasted beauties made the seemingly endless salad tossing pretty bearable!......Add that to the sight of Gianna and Rucca rubbing their cum covered titties together while the two girls kiss each other at the end.....and I'd say that this was a pretty good scene!.......I know I'm going to be checking out Rucca again....and as for Gianna?....Even if she weren't so darned hot I think I'd still watch her.....The girl's hillariious!

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