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Something Else About Lauren

Sunday, March 7th, 2010
Get Ready For Haley To Come
Lauren Foxxx movie
Jmac has a little fun with Lauren's areolas Lauren Foxxx gets her big beautiful titties sucked by Jmac
Lauren Foxxx reaches for Jmac's dick Lauren whips out her titties and prepares for some cocksucking
Lauren Foxxx squeezes her nipples while sucking dick Lauren Foxxx sucks cock
Jmac oils up Lauren's amazing booty Lauren Foxxx gets big natural oiled up titties fucked
Lauren Foxxx gets titty fucked close up Oily babe Lauren Foxxx gets fucked in missionary
Lauren Foxxx gets gets fucked in reverse cowgirl Lauren Foxxx gets fucked upsidedown
Jmac hold on to Lauren's big boobs and fucks her from behind Nice pic of Lauren's wonderful ass as she gets fucked in doggy
Beautiful babe, Lauren Foxxx get a rack full of nut Lauren Foxxx poses with jiz on her face and boobs
Enter Reality Kings
The last time Lauren Foxxx was featured here, it was all about her ass!.....We gasped in awe as she unzipped the back of her skin-tight pants and revealed her ass!.....Then we sighed in admiration as we watched Lauren jiggle her ass!....And finally, after being treated to the wonderful spectacle of watching her suck dick and then get fucked, we desperately wished it was our jiz we were watching dripping down Lauren's pussy and onto her ass!....I think you will agree that the whole experience was totally freakin' awesome!....But the problem was, we were all so mesmerised by Lauren's amazing ass that we completely forgot to take into account her equally amazing tits!.....And that is just a fucking tragedy!.....So to make up for that horrendous oversight, here is the wonderful Lauren again....Only this time, we're going to make sure that those splendiferous boobies of hers get the adoration they deserve!....And I have to say it's about time too!...I mean....Damn!....Those are some fine-ass titties!.....All big and beautiful and natural and shit!....When you're watching those motherfuckers bounce around the way they do it's easy to forget that Lauren also has a really terrific.....ummmm!!!....Now I know there was something else I really liked about her!....What the hell was it?

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Lauren Can’t Help It

Friday, January 8th, 2010
Lauren Can't Help It
Lauren Foxxx quicktime movie
Lauren Foxxx sits on a sofa beneath a tree Lauren Foxxx teases us by playing with her big natural boobs over her t shirt Lauren Foxxx whips out one big beautiful natural titty Lauren Foxxx shows us a little butt crack
Lauren Foxxx rubs her beautiful ass Lauren Foxxx bares her booty Lauren Foxxx uses her fingers to jiggle her ass cheeks A close up shot of Lauren Foxxx's huge natural titties
Lauren Foxxx pulls down her pants and shows us her pussy Lauren Foxxx gets her ass out for Jmac Lauren Foxxx gets down into the blowjob position Lauren Foxxx starts sucking Jmac's dick
Lauren Foxxx sucks cock Lauren Foxxx rides Jmac Jmac fucks Lauren Foxxx on a sofa Lauren Foxxx gets fucked in doggy
Jmac nuts on Lauren's pussy
Oh my Lord.....this girl is working with so much jelly she could start her own line of desert foods!.....Her name is Lauren Foxxx and, as usual, I've included a photo gallery but, to be honest, I really don't see any way a mere picture could do her justice.....Trust absolutely have to see this girl moving!....Actually, Lauren doesn't so much move as jiggle.......As the famous line from the Little Richard song goes...the girl can't help it!.....And if you haven't watched Lauren's movie clip yet then do yourself a favour and scroll back up to the top of this page, click on the link....and then just behold as Lauren demonstrates perfect booty control!......I was lucky enough to watch the full scene....and I would have been perfectly happy if she'd have spent the whole 40 minutes just shaking her ass and jumping up and down!.....But she didn't...and Jmac...aka Lucky Motherfucker.....had to make the impossible decision of which of Lauren's amazing assortment of hot-body-parts to grab hold of while he was fucking her!.....An extremely tough choice...and one I'm sure we're all dying to make!

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