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Bright Lights, Big Booty

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010
Bright Lights, Big Booty
Imani Rose movie
Jmac photographs Imani Rose's booty Imani Rose pose in a purple/blue striped bikini
Imani Rose pulls her panties under her butt cheeks Imani Rose's perfect, round, brown booty
Imani rests her ankles by her shoulders and exposes her pussy Jmac licks Imani's pussy
Imani Rose in the 69 position with Jmac Imani Rose sucks dick
Imani Rose in reverse cowgirl from the back Imani Rose in reverse cowgirl from the front
Imani Rose bounces her big, booty as she rides Jmac Imani Rose shows us some nice booty as she gets fucked from the side
Imani Rose doggy style POV Jmac fucks Imani doggy style
Jmac cums on Imani's ass Close up of Imani Rose's booty covered in jiz
Enter Reality Kings
Each and every year, some of the worlds hottest chicks set off for the big city in search of a big, fat cock to stuff their pussies with!......Sadly, many of these young women are led astray by sleazy movie producers who are only interested in them for their acting talent!.....That's why the story of Imani Rose, here, is such an encouraging one!.....She arrived in the city looking for cock...And you'll be pleased to know that cock is exactly what she got!.....Of course, Imani did have to compromise, somewhat!....Just like all the rest of them, big dicked photographer, Jmac had a few lame-ass ideas about turning her into a star....And Imani knew that if she was ever going to get her hands on his cock, she was going to have to humor him by posing for a few "tasteful" photographs first!....But hey!.....A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!....And although Imani was forced to keep her panties on for an agonizing 10 minutes or so before Jmac finally licked her pussy, in the end, she got the good, hard fucking she'd been looking for!....Now that Imani's work with Jmac's cock is out there, you can bet that perfect, round, brown ass of hers that big-city men will be lining up to give her as much cock as she can handle!....If you ask me, this is wonderful news!....I mean...look at this chick!....The sooner she gets hold of another cock, the better!

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