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Ain’t No Panties Small Enough

Saturday, August 21st, 2010
Ain't No Panties Small Enough
Morrigan Danu movie
The very beautiful Morrigan Danu A big booty shot from Morrigan Danu wearing a crotchless, fishnet body stocking with no panties
Voodoo grabs Morrigan's butt Voodoo licks Morrigan's ass
Morrigan grips the shaft of Voodoo's dick Morrigan Danu licks and sucks Voodoo's dick at the same time
Morrigan Danu sucks on Voodoo's balls Morrigan Danu sucks dick
Morrigan Danu in reverse cowgirl Voodoo fucks Morrigan missionary style
Morrigan Danu rides Voodoo Voodoo fucks Morrigan doggy style
Voodoo cums in Morrigan's face Morrigan licks cum from the shaft of Voodoo's dick
Morrigan licks cum from the tip of Voodoo's dick Morrigan Danu gives us a cum covered smile
Enter Reality Kings
Thongs have been getting so tiny lately that it can only be a matter of time before they disappear altogether!.....So in order to stay ahead of the game, Round And Brown persuaded mocha marvel, Morrigan Danu, here to model this crotchless, fishnet body stocking without panties...just to get some kind of idea of what super-hotties might be wearing 20 years, or so, from now!.....According to Round And Brown's elite team of skimpy clothing specialists, our eyes are becoming so accustomed to smaller and smaller panties....that by around 2028, the thongs that we love so much now will start to look like those old bloomers they used to wear in the 1800s......and that a porn-addled public will eventually demand that super-hotties stop wearing them altogether!....Is Round And Brown's prediction correct?.....That remains to be seen!....But I have to say that, much as I fucking love thongs, that unbelievably gorgeous pussy of hers already has me down on my knees praying that Morrigan never wears panties again!....I dunno!...Maybe I'm just ahead of my time!

Morrigan Danu free video clips and photos come courtesy of Round And Brown
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