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Fucking Some Sense Into Rebecca

Saturday, January 31st, 2009
Fucking Some Sense Into Rebecca
Rebecca Lane whips her tits out of her red sweater and squishes them together Rebecca gets naked and opens her legs Dr. Veronica Rayne shows off her big boobs in a blue star patterned bra Veronica Rayne opens up her doctor's coat to reveal her wonderful naked body Dr Rayne and her patient, Rebecca stand side by side nude Rebecca arrives at Dr. Rayne's office with her husband, Kieran Lee
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Rebecca Lane and her husband, Kieran Lee had been so busy with their respective careers that they hadn't been able to have sex for months!....But wheras Kieran's abstinence was turning him into a rocket scientist, the lack of sex was turning Rebecca into a babbling idiot!.....Worried about his wife's recent tendency to do nothing but sit around the house all day jiggling her tits up and down while making stupid noises, Kieran took his wife to see their local doctor, Veronica Rayne!....But Kieran was rather enjoying his new found intelligence and wasn't too pleased about what Dr. Rayne had to tell him!....Apparently, Rebecca's condition was reversable...but she needed hot, steamy sex..and she needed it instantly!....Dr. Rayne, herself, would be able to provide Rebecca with a nice, pink pussy to suck on but if she was really going to improve, Kieran would have to fuck both women really hard...thus reversing his new and improved mental capabilities!.....Despite his the end, Kieran whipped out his big, British dick and performed his duty!.....He loved his wife..and he really wanted her to get better!....And besides.....Dr. Rayne was totally, fucking hot!
Kieran admires the two awesome cleavages confronting him
veronica cops a feel of one of Dr Rayne's boobs
Veronica Rayne and Rebecca Lane get down to the serious business of sucking Kieran's dick
Dr Rayne licks veronica's nipple while veronica sucks her husband's cock Kieran fucks Dr Rayne's throat while Rebecca eats her pussy veronica continues eating out the doctor while her husband fucks her Dr Rayne sits on Kieran's face while his wife sits on his dick While Dr Rayne bounces her pussy on Kieran's dick, his wife smothers him with her big jugs Dr Rayne and Rebecca both lay back and open their legs for Kieran to fuck them in turn

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