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Forward To The Past

Thursday, January 14th, 2010
Forward To The Past
Jayden James shows her nipples through her 70's style psychedelic dress Jayden James poses in a psychedelic dress, a blue thong and white, fuck-me boots Jayden James shows off her impressive boobs The world famous Jayden James ass
Naked Jayden James spreads her legs and her puss
Faux seventies pornstars, Jayden James and Johnny Sins Jayden gets her pussy eaten by Johnny Jayden sucks Johnny's cock Jayden sucks Johnny's cock
Jayden James titty fucks Keiran Lee
Jayden James gets fucked in reverse cowboy Jayden James riding Johnny Sins Jayden and Johnny spoon and laugh Johnny nuts on Jayden
Jayden James poses with cum on her chin
It's been quite a while since Jayden James has appeared on these pages...but I'm sure you'll be glad to see that she's back.....And when I say back...I mean really like...1975!.....You see....know-it-all diva, Jayden got into a dispute with porn legend, Nina Hartley about the 1970's and whether porn was as good then as it is now.....Jayden insisted that, with a couple of exceptions, the male talents' dicks were just too small! order to teach her a lesson.....Nina used her special-porn-legend-time-travel-powers to send Jayden back to the days when afros, cocaine and Kojak were the coolest things around!.....Now we join Jayden as she gets roundly fucked by 70's male pornstar John E. Sins who was extremely popular, back then, on account of his long, flowing hair and huge cock!....So please sit back and watch as Jayden learns a thing or two about respect in this...her latest scene....Although, when you think about it, it's kind of like her first scene, as well!...Wow man!...Did I your mind, or what?

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How Do You Fuck A Duchess Like Maria?

Monday, November 30th, 2009
How Do You Fuck A Duchess Like Maria?
Busty Latina babe, Esperanza Gomez folds her arms under her full cleavage Esperanza Gomez pulls down her dress and sticks out her booty Esperanza Gomez releases one huge breast from her purple bra Esperanza Gomez sits naked on the couch with her legs open
Naked Esperanza Gomez opens her legs and rubs her clit
Esperanza confronts Carlo Carlo begs for Esperanza's love Esperanza weakens and goes to Carlo Carlo gets a couple of handfuls of Esperanza's huge tits
Esperanza lowers her lips to Carlo's dick
Carlo pulls Esperanza's purple thong to one side and fucks her doggy style over the couch Esperanza slides one finger into her asshole as she rides Carlo Esperanza raises her legs in the air as Carlo bangs her pussy Esperanza Gomez licks the jiz from Carlo's dick
Esperanza scoops some cum from her tits and sucks it from her finger
Brazzimundo Television proudly presents:  Bellezas Salvajes (Wild Beauties)....The heartbreaking story of the forbidden love shared by Maria and Fernando played by Esperanza Gomez and Carlo Carrera......Lowly servant, Fernando is desperately in love with his beautiful mistress, the fair Duchess, Maria......The Duchess, Maria, also, has strong feelings for Fernando...but dare not speak her love lest her husband, the evil Duke, has the poor boy's tongue cut out!...Will Fernando ever get to feel the warm, aching walls of the fair Duchess, Maria's moist love-hole clamped tightly around his throbbing staff?....And when he does, if the evil duke finds out about it, will he really have Fernando's tongue cut out?....And if the Duke does have Fernando's tongue cut out, could the fair Duchess, Maria still feel love for a man who can no longer lick her pussy?....All will be revealed in this poignant tale of love, romance....and wet, sloppy blowjobs....Don't miss:  Bellezas Salvajes...Only at!

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I Wonder What Nikky Blond’s Doing Now

Thursday, November 12th, 2009
I Wonder What Nikky Blond's Doing Now
Nikky Blond and Jordan Ash
Nikky has a little job for Jordan Jordan pulls up a chair for Nikky Nikky smiles as Jordan massages her shoulders
Jordan takes Nikky's lovely tits out of her sexy black bra
Jordan and Nikky make out while he pulls her thong to the side to reveal her pussy Jordan pulls up Nikky's business skirt and rubs her pussy Nikky gives the camera a sexy look while Jordan licks her pussy
Jordan fucks Nikky in her business suit
Nikky makes out with Jordan while she pulls his cock out of his pants Nikky licks Jordan's nuts Nikky runs some spit down the tip of Jordan's dick
Nikky takes Jordan's cock into her mouth
Jordan strips Nikky to her stockings and fucks her doggy style by the mirror Nikky squeezes Jordan's balls while he fucks her Jordan jizzes in Nikky's face and tits
After a tough day at work, there's nothing I like better than to sit back and watch some red-hot, Nikky Blond porn!....People think it's glamorous working in the fashion industry....And that maybe true for the Ralph Laurens of the world....But when you're at the bottom of the ladder, it's a real grind!....To make matters worse, for about the last seven months, we've had this new boss....Coincidentally, her name's Nikky, too!.....I don't know her last name and I've never seen her, myself, but my best friend and colleague, Jordan, assures me she's as ugly as sin!....Not to mention a real bitch!.....Every day while we're trying to work, she pages the warehouse and orders, either, Jordan or I to go upstairs and give her a massage....Luckily, Jordan keeps saying I'm such a good buddy that he doesn't want to put me through the horror of running my fingers all over that horrible skin of hers and that he'll go up there, himself.....What a guy!.....Actually, today I even offered to go up there!....I haven't had sex in so long that I was even prepared fuck our bug-ugly boss!.....But, eventually, Jordan convinced me that I..."Would not wanna tap that"...and he went up there, instead....And so here I am sitting at home with a stack full of Nikky Blond porn.....Oh!...That pretty face!.....Those gorgeous, natural tits!....That perfect ass!....God I love her!...I wish I could meet her in real life but...come on....What are the odds of that?....In fact, Nikky Blond hasn't even made a movie in quite a while.....I figure she must have quit doing porn because she seems to have disappeared from the industry about seven months, ago!....I wonder what she's doing, now!

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Are These Porn Stars Related ?

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
Are These Porn Stars Related ?
Whitney Stevens Britney Stevens
Whitney and Britney Stevens...............Long beautiful hair.....Big beautiful breasts.....Big beautiful eyes...Yes !....These two are definitely sisters !
Teri Starr Britatney Starr
Teri and Brittaney Starr..................This one's a little more difficult to decipher....Teri's got some nice handfuls....but their nothing like that huge rack that Brittaney's carrying......You know what though?.....Yup....I'm sure....These two are sisters too !
Angela D'Angelo Ice LaFox
Angela D'Angelo and Ice LaFox..................OK...Now there's no way these two are sisters !....I mean, there both really hot !....But Angela looks a good few years older...They do kind of look alike, though....Unless...Oh !...I get it !....Angela's Ice's Mom !
Sunset Thomas Sunrise Adams
Sunset Thomas and Sunrise Adams...............This one's a toughie !......Two beautiful women...but once again....Sunset looks a little older.....Their names are kind of similar too !.....Maybe Sunset is Sunrises Mom !......No!....Wait !...I know...She's her Auntie !
Mya Lovely Olivia O'lovely
Mya Lovely and Olivia O'lovely................OK !....Bare with me !.....I know it's a bit of a stretch but I'm thinking that maybe Olivia is Mya's Irish cousin !
Candace Von Velicity Von
Candace and Velicity Von........... OK !........Now that's just fucking stupid !

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